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   Weekly Media Roundup
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   Weekly Media Roundup
   MSD: Family Violence and Sexual Violence Update
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Weekly Media Roundup

January 27, 2023 at 11:11 AM

Newsroom: Plan to eliminate family and sexual violence passes one-year milestone

It’s been one year since a nationwide strategy to eliminate family and sexual violence was launched, Emma Hatton talks to Marama Davidson about whether it's working and what’s next for Te Aorerekura 

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RNZ: Projects pilot ways to help men talk about the tough stuff

A project in Tairāwhiti is one of two in the country piloting ways to help men talk about the tough stuff that's well away from the confines of a pub.

It is funded through the Ministry of Social Development's campaign for action on family violence. One project is in Tauranga, the other in Gisborne.

In Tairāwhiti, social services are asking the question: "He aha tēnei mea te tānetanga?" or "What does it mean to be a man?".

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The Spinoff: How technology could help address our family violence problem

In the digital age, online activity can be a conduit for abusive behaviours. But secure digital tools can also offer a lifeline for victims.  

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Newsroom: When are we going to address misogynistic abuse?

Misogynistic abuse is at the heart of our post-truth world, one that is opposed to facts, evidence, and reality, and is fuelled by a sense of victimhood. Will we do something about it? asks Neal Curtis.



Stuff: Shame on our misogyny: It's no wonder Jacinda Ardern was driven from Office

As she resigned, Ardern avoided naming the wave of abuse as a contributing factor. She has not talked about the toll these vile attacks have taken on her and her family - indeed, she cannot talk about the thing that often drives women from positions of public power.

She can't name the evil as she steps down because If she does, she loses. Her attackers would have whipped her for it. As Massey University School of Management Senior Lecturer Dr Suze Wilson put it, she could not admit to it, because it would have told the trolls they'd won.

And the trolls do regularly win. In 2019, a report from a cross-party group of women MPs showed sexism, harassment and psychological violence was driving some women out of Parliament.



Newshub: Fears grow for domestic violence victims and pets as some seek shelter in their cars

Fears are growing for domestic violence victims and their pets with some even having to seek shelter in their cars.

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Stuff: 'So many kids fall through the cracks': advocate speaks out over funding cut for family-focused service

Scrapping a wrap-around service that helps families access help is “ridiculous”, says a community advocate.

Strengthening Families is an Oranga Tamariki-funded service that helps various agencies collaborate to ensure families receive wrap-around care. Oranga Tamariki previously funded 38 co-ordinators around Aotearoa. However, after a review by the agency, funding for 17 of these positions will cease in April.

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NZ Herald: New Zealand criminal harassment reports more than double in last five years

Reports of criminal harassment, a charge commonly used in instances of stalking, have more than doubled in the last five years.

New information provided to the Herald under the Official Information Act shows criminal harassment reports have grown from 759 in 2015 to 1659 in 2021.

After a dip to 676 in 2016, the numbers grew to 1029 the following year, then to 1071 in 2018, 1238 in 2019 and 1491 in 2020.

From January to September 2022 alone, about 1250 reports were filed.

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NZ Herald: Exclusive: Christmas Day nightmare - man ran over and killed partner, mother of his children

An Auckland man has been sentenced to a little over two years in prison after accidentally running over and killing his partner, the mother of their six children, on Christmas Day 2021.

Charlotte Tyrrell, 28, died shortly after falling under Marcellin Siliai’s ute while trying to stop him driving off.

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NZ Herald: ‘I truly loved her’: Child sex abuser’s ‘disturbing’ response in report

The little girl initially began dressing like a boy, then she stopped taking care of herself.

Later, the 9-year-old was struck by emotional outbursts, but her mother soon learned the real reason behind the changes. She was being molested.

The predator was her uncle - her mother’s partner - whom NZME can’t name to protect the victim’s automatic name suppression.

The Waikato man, who was in his 20s at the time, performed indecent acts and sexually assaulted the young victim for more than two years. The offending only stopped when he moved out after he and her mother broke up.

Soon after he began targeting another girl, his cousin, who was just 12 years old.

That eventually came to a stop in October 2020 and he was arrested.

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NZ Herald: Stepfather jailed for more than 10 years for historic sexual abuse

Warning: this article discusses sexual assault and may be distressing for some readers.

Amber Waghorn’s early years were destroyed by the sexual abuse she suffered at the hands of her stepfather. She felt like a toy for men to play with and was shunned by her mother who was jealous of her for monopolising the man’s “love”.

But Waghorn has now reclaimed her power after successfully arguing to have her name suppression lifted so she can tell her story.

Her abuser, William George Taylor, 64, heard her speak of her “harrowing” tale on Wednesday, shortly before he was jailed for “taking the innocence” from the now 42-year-old.

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NZ Herald: Baby’s death in Auckland: Woman charged with murder of month-old infant a year ago

A woman has been charged with murder after a baby died in Starship Hospital a year ago.

The 4-week-old baby boy was hospitalised at Starship Hospital with head injuries and died on January 16 2022.

A 22-year-old woman has been charged with murder, ill-treatment of a child and three counts of assaulting a child, police said today.

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NZ Herald: Mother jailed for more than two years after toddler suffers 14 fractures, burns

Warning: this article discusses child abuse and may be distressing for some readers.

The mother of a toddler who suffered 14 fractures and significant burns - some consistent with cigarettes - has been accused of showing “no remorse whatsoever” as she won’t come clean on who inflicted the injuries that are likely to affect him for the rest of his life.

The mother told medical staff tales of her toddler waking up with a rash or falling off tables to explain the significant injuries he suffered, said the Crown.

The woman, who cannot be named to protect the identity of the children, appeared at the Christchurch District Court for sentencing on Wednesday.

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Stuff: 'Why is she hiding?': Woman's plea for help to find daughter's alleged killer

In 2016, Detective Senior Sergeant Stu Harvey exchanged emails with Karen Nenite De Luna and said police were keen to talk to her.

Medical evidence suggested she was responsible for the death of 2-year-old Bea Daleon, who’d suffered a catastrophic head injury while in her care at a rural Southland home in 2012, Harvey wrote.

De Luna, who was living in the Philippines, denied any wrongdoing, but said she wanted to return to New Zealand and sort everything out.

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