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Weekly Media Roundup

November 18, 2022 at 2:40 PM

Newsroom: Police responding to a family violence call every three minutes 

Police are now responding to one family violence call every three minutes with calls for services up 47 percent on five years ago, but whether incidents are actually increasing or more are just being reported remains unclear   


RNZ: Family harm incidents continue to dominate police callouts 

More people have reported being victims of crime, and emergency calls increased by 40,000 in the last year, new police data shows. 

New Zealand Police has released its annual report, which covers the year from June 2021 to June 2022. 

It detailed that for every 10,000 people in New Zealand, 603 had been victims of crime in the last year, equating to about 6 percent. 

That was up slightly from the previous year - when 558 people per 10,000 were victims of crime. 


RNZ: Women's refuge on the frontline of rising family violence 


Stuff: White Ribbon launches new resource to combat family violence 

A charity wants to flip the script on masculine stereotypes which it says are fuelling Aotearoa’s horrific domestic violence statistics. 

White Ribbon launched a series of free online resources on Monday, aiming to change the phrase “boys will be boys”, and encourage them to be kind, caring and respectful. 

Manager Rob McCann says the outdated ideas of what a man is supposed to be need to be replaced with concepts that encourage and support healthy masculinity. 


Stuff: Medics raised fears months before Oranga Tamariki 'closed file' on murdered toddler 

Staff at the hospital where murdered toddler Comfort Jay Witeri-Thompson spent the first four months of her life were so worried by what they saw they filed a report to Oranga Tamariki. 

But despite that report joining three other reports by people worried about the toddler before her death, the child protection agency closed its file on her in December 2017, apparently happy that her home was being tidied up and a heat pump installed. 

Seven months later Comfort was dead, murdered by her mother, Southern Thompson. 

Oranga Tamariki confirmed to Stuff, via an Official Information Act request, that four reports of concern were received about the toddler, who died in July 2018. 


Newsroom: Lake Alice victims file police complaint 

A number of high profile individuals have been named in a police complaint about the withholding of evidence of crimes committed against children at the Lake Alice psychiatric hospital. Aaron Smale reports. 


RNZ: Auckland City Mission says growing social need outstripping resources 

Homelessness can take up to 30 years off someone's life - it affects physical, mental, and spiritual well-being. 

New Zealanders in desperate need of a roof over their heads are increasing with services such as the Auckland City Mission providing a literal lifeline. 

Auckland city missioner Helen Robinson said it has been a humbling 10 months since Home Ground opened its doors on Hobson St. 

A one-stop social services shop for the city's most vulnerable people, Robinson said, while she was incredibly proud of the progress made, the need was a lot more than what they can meet. 

Addiction, domestic violence, poverty and homelessness cases are all trending upwards, and while Auckland City Mission does everything possible to help, they are limited by funding. 


NZ Herald: 'Hey Mum, I want to tell you something': The moment a mother's world changed forever 

Warning: This story contains descriptions of sexual abuse against young people. 

Twelve-year-old Ruby was a popular kid. 

Excelling at school in both her academic education and sports, she had a large group of friends, came from a loving home and was committed to acihievement. 

Then her mother's partner raped her. 


NZ Herald: Don’t Guess the Yes consent campaign to be rolled out in Auckland after Wellington success 

As the Christmas party season nears, Wellington Police are again rolling out their sexual violence prevention campaign Don’t Guess the Yes, which is also being launched in Auckland for the first time. 

The campaign was created in 2018 in response to a concerning number alcohol-fueled sexual assault reports, with Wellington police teaming up with Hospitality New Zealand, Wellington City Council, Respect Ed Aotearoa, and university groups. 

Police say the strategy is offender-focused and has a target audience of 18 to 30-year-old males. 

T-shirts with the slogan Don’t Guess the Yes have been distributed to about 100 hospitality staff and posters are being put up around the central city, police said. 

This year targeted digital marketing is also being planned to increase the reach to this audience. 


RNZ: Students, hospitality back police campaign over consensual sex 

As the summer party season kicks off, Wellington police are reminding young people about the importance of consent to prevent sexual harm. 

The Don't Guess the Yes campaign has been running since 2018, targeted at young men and focused on consent when partying and alcohol are involved. 

It is also being rolled out in Auckland next week. 


1 News: Govt acknowledges children with high needs being failed at school 

Children with high needs are being failed at school - that’s been accepted by the Government today. 

"For every seven children who are getting support, and getting learning supports, that there are three that probably aren't, well it's not good enough," Associate Minister of Education Jan Tinetti said. 

It comes as Minister Tinetti announced the Government’s working on designing a new system that better supports kids with the highest needs. 


Stuff: Past abuse and 'serious anger problem' seen as precursor to rapist's offending 

This article deals with the subject of rape and sexual abuse and may be distressing for some people. 

To the outside world, Yaell Verheul came across as a hard worker, a good friend, a reliable and courteous man from a caring and loving family. 

In private, he was prone to anger, cruel, and he sexually abused young women, landing him in jail for six years for rape. 

When Verheul appeared at a Napier District Court sentencing hearing on Friday, Judge Russell Collins drew a link between the angry young man and two other events in his early life. 

These had been detailed to the court by Verheul's sister, who spoke up in his support. 

She said her brother had been sexually abused by an older male when he was 15 years old, and was bullied through adolescence and into adulthood. 

These two things, the judge said, provided insight into Verheul's personality and behavioural make-up, and were consistent with research on the drivers of offending. 


Stuff: Six years jail for man who attacked partner minutes after safety order expired 

A man who attacked his partner twice, once with scissors then a carving knife, just minutes after a Police Safety Order expired has been jailed for six years and six months. 

Chadwick Maniapoto received the sentence at the High Court in Rotorua on Monday after earlier pleading guilty to wounding with intent to cause grievous bodily harm, causing grievous bodily harm and aggravated assault. 


Stuff: 'Pillar of the community' convicted of historical sexual assault of schoolgirl 

A justice of the peace described as a “pillar of the community” has been convicted of the historical sexual assault of a schoolgirl. 

Reginald Stuart Anderson, 82, appeared in the Christchurch District Court on Thursday for sentencing on one charge of indecently assaulting a young person. 

Anderson was convicted and ordered to pay $5000 in emotional harm reparation, and can now be named after his interim suppression lapsed on Monday afternoon. 

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