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Weekly Media Roundup

August 11, 2022 at 11:28 PM

RNZ: Government preparing apology, new redress system for abuse survivors 

Officials will start working on a national apology to survivors of abuse in care later this year. 

The government signalled last year it would apologise and create a new, independent redress system. 

"Designing the new system will take time - it is a complex task, requiring input from many different survivor groups to get it right," Public Service Minister Chris Hipkins said. 

Work was underway on delivering more immediate support for survivors while the new system and the national apology were developed, he said. 


RNZ: Abuse in care redress needs to be govt controlled - survivor 

After being attacked by the rector of St Patrick's College Silverstream at the age of 14 a man still chasing justice in his 80s says the government should extend planned early redress scheme options. 

F* walked out of school at the age of 15 after being attacked by St Patrick's College Silverstream rector Frank 'Fred the Fiddler' Durning in Upper Hutt in the 1950s. (* His name has been changed to protect his identity). 

He did not let the abuse define his life, but at the age of 83 said he was still on a quest for justice. 

F wants to make a claim under a survivor-focused redress scheme proposed by the Abuse in Care royal commission, after repeatedly rejecting $5000 ex gratia payment offers from the Marist fathers' Society of Mary. 


Stuff: 'We will die first' - religious abuse survivors speak up after exclusion from government payouts 

Some sexual abuse survivors fear they may die before receiving any compensation after the government excluded them from a scheme to make rapid payouts to elderly and terminally-ill survivors. 

Public Services Minister Chris Hipkins has revealed plans to cut a 3000-strong waiting list of abuse claimants of abuse in state care – such as children’s homes – by making “rapid payments”. Survivors of abuse in religious settings, such as Catholic schools, the Salvation Army and the Exclusive Brethren are not included. 

The announcement is a response to recommendations from the Royal Commission into Abuse in Care, which is due to deliver its final report next June. 


Stuff: The shocking scale and impact of decades of abuse by multiple Marist Brothers and Fathers 

A series of stories has revealed the shocking scale and enduring impact of decades of sexual abuse by Marist Brothers and Fathers. But as National Correspondent Steve Kilgallon explains, yet more survivors are now coming forward and the story is far from over. 


Stuff: What has changed? Sexual violence an issue of a 'rotten barrel' 

A year after a Christchurch girls’ school’s survey revealed thousands of sexual harassment incidents and at least 20 rapes, HANNA MCCALLUM asks: what has changed? 


Newshub: Domestic violence survivor says system failed her after abuser gets 12 months home detention for years of vicious attacks 

Warning: This article contains graphic recounts of domestic violence, mental health and suicide. 

A domestic violence survivor is speaking out after her ex-boyfriend was sentenced to 12 months of home detention and ordered to pay $4600 after subjecting her to two years of extreme abuse.   


NZ Herald: Youths and ram raids: What is behind the Auckland crime wave and how do we stop it? 

As the number of preteens crashing cars into shops continues to escalate, youth crime is at the front of everyone's minds. How do we prevent ram raids and what consequences actually work? Rachel Maher reports. 


Stuff: Teen 'scared to go out' after random thugs assault him twice in one month 

A 14-year-old boy who was violently assaulted by teenagers twice within a month is speaking out to raise awareness of the issue. 

New Brighton teenager Blayke, who did not want to have his last name published for fear of his safety, has endured two beatings, fled a shopping centre and had a youth try to steal his sneakers. 

Crime expert Dr Jarrod Gilbert said while youth crime, including assaults, was static long-term, there has been a spike since the Covid-19 pandemic for reasons that weren’t entirely clear. 


RNZ: Oranga Tamariki spent budget 'appropriately', review finds 

More than $1 billion of spending by Oranga Tamariki has been cleared by a review. 

RNZ revealed in June the agency's development and funding of sexual violence support services had been mired in what the government later called an "incredibly serious" failure. 

Oranga Tamariki told Children's Minister Kelvin Davis in May 2022 it had "identified and accepted weaknesses in its financial management systems and processes". 

It then called in its chief internal auditor. 


Stuff: Call for sport initiatives to help tackle gender violence in the Pacific 

A Pacific human rights advocate is calling for more initiatives in sport to help prevent violence against women and promote gender equality in the region. 

Roshika Deo said sport was a key lever for change and could help dismantle preconceived ideas of gender roles and abilities of Pacific men and women. 

Deo’s comments come amid escalating cases of gender-based violence across the region including New Zealand and Australia. 


RNZ: Protesters demand action on domestic violence after woman is killed 

About 100 people have marched in New Caledonia to protest against what they see as government inaction to curb violence against women. 

The rally was called by the group Women in Anger just days after the latest killing of a woman at the hands of her partner. 

The marchers went from the seat of government to Congress and to the French High Commission to deliver a letter calling on support for their cause from France's First Lady, Brigitte Macron. 

March organiser Valentine Holle told la premiere she wants the government to come up with a feasible plan of action. 


NZ Herald: Oranga Tamariki reviews involvement with abused boy left permanently disabled 

Oranga Tamariki says it is "deeply regrettable" that it was unable to prevent a little Hastings boy's brain injury that left him with a permanent disability. 

The ministry says it is reviewing its involvement with the boy's family to see if there was more it could and should have done in his case. 

The boy's father and stepmother pleaded guilty to child abuse and neglect when they appeared in the Napier District Court last week. 


Stuff: Man jailed for sexual offending against six victims that spanned decades 

A man has been jailed for 15 years on 62 charges of sexual offending that a judge described as a “ghastly catalogue of victimisation”. 

Lionel Neil Cook was sentenced in the Christchurch District Court last month by Judge Raoul Neave. 

The 71-year-old earlier pleaded guilty to 62 charges, some representative, including rape, sexual violation by unlawful sexual connection, indecent assault, indecent act on child under 12, and attempted rape. 

The offending relates to six victims, and spans decades. 


Stuff: Family friend used PlayStation to groom 10-year-old boy 

A child sex offender who groomed his 10-year-old victim using PlayStation and alcohol has been jailed for eight years and six months. 

Daniel Sean Mathias, 31, appeared for sentencing on charges of indecent assault, sexual violation by unlawful sexual connection, attempted sexual violation and possessing objectionable material at the Christchurch District Court on Monday in front of Judge Raoul Neave. 

A friend of his victim’s family, Mathias used video games to develop a friendship with the boy, who began staying at Mathias’ home on weekends more often than at his own home, court documents said. 


NZ Herald: Auckland teen rapist and school fight for permanent name suppression 

WARNING: This story discusses sexual abuse and may be upsetting. 

The Auckland teenager who was sentenced to home detention and supervision after he raped and sexually violated multiple teenage girls is fighting to keep his name secret. 

The teenager's lawyer, Emma Priest, argued during a name suppression hearing in the High Court at Auckland that if named the young man will be labelled as a serial teen rapist for life. 


NZ Herald: Jail again for man who struggles to stay drug free, after sex with significantly impaired woman 

A man released from prison after having sex with a significantly impaired person has now breached his extended supervision 21 times. 

Ned Wilson has been given a variety of community work and prison terms for his breaches, which involve him being caught using drugs or cannabis. 

He is now back in prison for his latest three breaches, admitted in the Hamilton District Court. 


Stuff: Man sexually offended against young girl while awaiting retrial on rape charges 

A man was on bail awaiting a retrial on charges of raping a young girl when he sexually offended against another victim. 

Melvin Hawkins Donald was sentenced to 15 years and nine months’ imprisonment by Judge Tom Gilbert earlier this month on four charges of sexual violation by unlawful sexual connection, one charge of sexual conduct with another child under 12 years and one charge of assault on a third child. 

In sentencing Donald in the Christchurch District Court, Judge Gilbert said there was a “long and unhappy history to this matter”. 


Stuff: Man installs covert cameras to record intimate videos of girl in bedroom, bathroom 

A man who set up covert cameras to take intimate videos of a girl says there was no sexual undertone to his actions. 

Judge Chris Sygrove had four words to sum up the victim impact statement, which the girl’s mother read in the Palmerston North District Court on Thursday: “Quite tragic, isn’t it?” 

The girl’s mother says Shaun Michael McCartney’s actions have left the entire family unable to trust men. 


NZ Herald: Man sentenced for rape and kidnap of his foster daughter 

Warning: This story contains mention of rape and suicide, reader discretion is advised. 

A man who raped and kidnapped his teenage foster daughter told her it was God's will they be together. 

"He took years of my childhood away from me ... I won't ever be the same person because of his choices," his victim said in court. 

"His job was to be my protector – not to be the person I needed protection from." 

The man, whose name is suppressed by the court to protect his victim, said it was the will of God that he and his then 18-year-old foster daughter marry and have children. He threatened suicide if she didn't comply. 

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