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Weekly Media Roundup

February 19, 2021 at 2:23 PM

Stuff: Covid-19: Salvation Army urged govt to use pandemic recovery to address inequality

The Salvation Army’s annual State of the Nation report contains plenty of reasons to be concerned.

The social housing register has hit a record high, September saw the biggest quarterly increase in unemployment since 1986, and cash-strapped Kiwis needed more emergency food parcels than ever before during 2020.

The findings led to the report having the theme of ‘Ka pū te ruha, ka hao te rangatahi’ - a proverb which directly translated to: the old net is cast aside whilst the new net goes fishing.



RNZ: 'Like nothing else on earth' - abused teen's time at Rangipo

A man who came through state care in foster homes, a boys' home, corrective training and eventually prison, believes his life has been set back at least 30 years by the way he was treated and the physical and psychological abuse he received.

Aaron, who is 50, came from a broken home and his interview with RNZ is the first time he has spoken publicly about his experiences in care.

He lived on the street for a year at the age of 9.

Aaron ended up in the Stanmore Road Boys' Home in Christchurch at 13.

His stepfather beat him if he ever misbehaved and one day he stood up to him and punched him back. The police were called and Aaron was sent to Stanmore.

One of his first recollections of being in the boys' home was seeing drug addicts use needles. ''It was sort of a violent place.''



NZ Herald: Coroner: Agencies missed red flags before autistic Christchurch boy Leon Jayet-Cole's death

Agencies should have picked up on a series of red flags before 5-year-old autistic schoolboy Leon Jayet-Cole was brutally killed in the care of a violent drug addict step-father, according to a damning coroner's report released today.

A lack of detailed analysis of earlier reported bruises and "injuries", "naive" social workers, and a lack of communication between Child, Youth and Family (CYFS), police, and Canterbury District Health Board (CDHB), all contributed to a lack of interventions that would have saved the boy's life, Coroner Brigitte Windley has found.



NZ Herald: Nadia Bokody: Tying masculinity to sexual performance is a dangerous mistake

I once dated a guy who put his hand around my neck while we were having sex.

Not in an attempt to cause me harm, but because – as he later revealed – he'd seen it performed in porn, and assumed I'd be into it.

What was most striking about this encounter, was the fact he didn't ask me if I'd like it first, because he was afraid of looking inept. It's a sentiment I hear again and again from male readers – that they don't talk to their partners in the bedroom because they've been taught men should instinctively know what they're doing and be largely unemotional.

The pressure for men to perform this kind of stoicism is something Boys & Sex author Peggy Orenstein observed when she travelled around the US, speaking to young men about their lives.



Stuff: New policy sees reports of sexually harmful behaviour more than double at Victoria University

Reports of sexually harmful behaviours at Victoria University have more than doubled since a new policy was put in place last year, with staff saying the numbers help show the extent of the problem.

The university’s Sexual Harassment Response Policy and Procedures was introduced in 2020, setting out pathways available for both staff and students who have experienced sexually harmful behaviour.

According to a paper presented to the university council on Monday, in 2020 there were 66 complaints made about students, up from 25 in 2019, and just six in 2018. That number included 14 formal complaints, 20 disclosures and 32 informal complaints.



Stuff: 'I rang Hannah and no answer': Mum of domestic violence victim remembers daughter and grandchildren

This week marks one year since the murders of Hannah Clarke and her children Aaliyah, six, Laianah, four, and Trey, three, at the hands of her former husband Rowan Baxter, who's from New Zealand.

The deaths left Hannah's parents reeling. They had been doing everything they could to support their daughter as she navigated her new life as a single mum, and she had been doing really well.

Ex-Warrior player Baxter had laid in wait while Hannah drove their children to school before ambushing them while they were stopped at a red light. He doused them in petrol and set them alight before stabbing himself to death.

In the lead up to the first anniversary of that terrible day, Lloyd and Sue Clark have spoken to B105's Stav, Abby and Matt about how they found out about the tragedies. They also shared that Abby Coleman from the show will be working as an ambassador for Small Steps 4 Hannah.



Stuff: Six years' prison for 'safe person' who killed a baby

The man deemed a “safe person” by a social worker before he killed a 10-month-old in his care has been jailed for six years and five months after being found guilty of manslaughter.

Shane Claude Roberts, 61, was sentenced at the High Court in Rotorua on Friday.

He was found not guilty of murder, but guilty of the manslaughter of Karlos Stephens in the wake of a nine-day trial in November last year.

It was the second time Roberts faced a High Court trial over the tot’s death in 2014, with the first trial abandoned in November 2019.



Stuff: Man jailed for 16 years for grooming, sexually abusing multiple boys

A mother should have happy memories of holding their child in their arms.

But for one, those memories are of a son’s descent into distress, depression and – ultimately – death.

That descent began while he was sexually abused by a man who that mother thought she could trust.

That abuse ultimately led to her son committing suicide, she told the Palmerston North District Court on Tuesday.



1 News: Woman scared to return to popular Auckland beach after man performs indecent act in front of her

An Auckland woman has been fearful to return to her favourite beach spot after a "disgusting" encounter with a man who performed an indecent act in front of her.

The Kingsland woman, who only wanted to be named as T, said on an afternoon trip to Point Chevalier Beach on January 27, a man walked "very, very close" to her, then sat about five metres away under a tree and began masturbating.

The incident comes after several similar cases in the past few months, including at Auckland Domain on the weekend.



Stuff: Home detention for the man who twisted the leg of 4-year-old leaving it broken

A small Waikane boy was denied food, smacked, kicked and had a leg broken by the man who was supposed to be caring for him

Wellington District Court judge Stephen Harrop​ said on Tuesday that when the 4-year-old boy was finally uplifted, he had bruises all over his body and was underweight.

He sentenced Dean Ross Gray​ to nine months of home detention.

He considered making an order for an emotional harm payment but understood Gray had no way to pay it.

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NZ Herald: Young man jailed for unprovoked attacks on five women. Judge says women should be able to feel safe alone in public and they don't

A young man has been jailed for five violent attacks that hurt unsuspecting women out exercising alone in Auckland.

Today, Judge Nevin Dawson sentenced the offender - who cannot be legally named - to two years and nine months' imprisonment.

The 2019 case sparked a large police appeal for information as officers tried to find the mystery offender assaulting lone women on public walking tracks in the North Shore and in West Auckland.

Police used CCTV footage as they closed the net and made an arrest in late November.

The attacks started on August 12, when a woman was dragged to the ground on West Harbour Drive in Massey.

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Stuff: Man broke down bathroom door to strangle partner after argument

A Nelson man who pleaded guilty to choking his partner had been subject to eight family harm visits by police in the previous five months.

Brad Storer, 27, appeared at the Nelson District Court on Monday where he pleaded guilty to charges of family assault, impeding breathing, injuring with intent to injure, resisting police, and escaping from police custody.

The charges related to an incident at a house in Stoke on the evening of January 15, where Storer attacked his partner of five months – the victim in the matter.

According to the police summary of facts, police had been called out to eight family harm occurrences involving Storer and his partner over that five-month period.

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