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Weekly Media Roundup

February 12, 2021 at 1:08 PM

Stuff: The founding mothers: how Māori women are reclaiming their birthright this Waitangi 

There were no flying dildos. There were no Pākehā tears. The most significant protest this Waitangi took place 25 kilometres to the west, as four generations of mana wahine held the Crown to account for writing Māori women out of history. National Correspondent Michelle Duff was there.

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NZ Herald: Netsafe study shows one in 10 Kiwi adults admit sending harmful digital communications

One in 10 adult New Zealanders say they have sent harmful messages online - but more than a quarter say they do it for a laugh, according to a new survey.

The study by Netsafe surveyed 1161 adults to determine if they had sent harmful digital communications in the past year, and the reasons behind their actions.

It revealed 11 per cent of adults admitted to sending or sharing at least one type of potentially harmful digital communication, with nearly 80 per cent of that group saying they'd done it more than once.



Stuff: Depression, anxiety and panic attacks: Students' demand for mental health support rising

Concerns over exam results, job uncertainty and the ongoing impact of Covid-19 will result in more young people seeking help for a range of mental health issues, a New Zealand support service says.

Although depression and anxiety are the main reasons why people ask for help, study worries, relationship troubles and family problems can also be major stressors, consultant psychiatrist Dr Siale Foliaki says.

Foliaki works at The Lowdown, a free service that supports young New Zealanders experiencing mental health difficulties.

“We anticipate that more young people than usual may be experiencing high levels of anxiety after receiving their NCEA their results, given the ongoing impact of Covid-19,” Foliaki said.



RNZ: Support needed for parents of children with autism

Most parents of children with autism spectrum disorder experience serious mental health problems linked to stress, according to new research from AUT.

The authors of the research say more support is needed for families, including help for dealing with stress.

AUT Associate Professor of Psychology and Neuroscience Daniel Shepherd talked Afternoons about their research.



Stuff: Woman suffers miscarriage from brutal assault by partner

Graphic content: As a man beat his partner so severely that she miscarried their first child, he laughed.

He laughed as the prolonged assault took place in which he hit the woman with a rock, stomped on her, kicked and punched her, and gouged her eye.

In the Palmerston North District Court on Tuesday, however, Elim Tekotahi Emery cut a more sombre figure as he was jailed for four years and eight months.



Stuff: Auckland caregivers' physical, psychological abuse 'scarred me for life' – victim

Sushma and Paul Luxton were paid to look after four vulnerable children in the care of Oranga Tamariki, but instead subjected the children to repeated violence.

The couple were to be sentenced at the Manukau District Court on Wednesday after earlier admitting four charges of assaulting children and one of common assault. The charges are representative, which means the assaults were not a one-off.

However, while three of their victims gave victim impact statements, a sentence was not handed down as Judge Richard McIlraith had not had a chance to read all the lawyers’ submissions.

The children told the judge that instead of feeling safe with the Luxtons, they were subjected to violence and verbal abuse.



Stuff: Victim wanted 'the truth told' after suffering years of abuse as a child

A girl who endured years of abuse, including being beaten so badly she could not walk, having her head pushed under water and starved for days without food, said she finally decided to report the mistreatment because she could no longer carry the secret with her.

The girl, who is now an adult, was present in the Christchurch District Court on Wednesday when her abuser was sentenced to 15 months of intensive supervision.

The abuse took place over years in several places across the South Island.



NZ Herald: High Court trial begins for former Cyfs worker accused of sexually abusing boys

A former Child, Youth and Family worker, who once cared for a teen murdered in the back of a prison van, has gone on trial for the alleged abuse of more than half a dozen boys.

Earl Opetaia faces 33 charges over allegations of abusing eight boys between 2002 and 2006.

The charges include multiple counts of indecent assault of boys aged between 12 and 16, sexual violation, supply of cannabis and methamphetamine, and threatening to kill.



Stuff: Man accused of killing father, half-brother appears in High Court

The name of a man accused of killing his father and half-brother at a Hāwera address last month can now be revealed.

Nathan Gordan Frost​ appeared before Justice Jillian Mallon in the High Court at New Plymouth on Tuesday via AVL.

It is alleged Frost killed his father Stephen John Frost​, 55, and his half-brother and Stephen’s son Regan Frost-Lawn​, 15.



Stuff: Drug addict who punched two-year-old had violent upbringing – Judge

A two-year-old was punched in the chest three times by a man with a drug addiction and an extensive history of violent offending.

Kerin James Baldwin was at the child’s New Plymouth home on April 19 when the assault took place, it was heard in New Plymouth District Court on Wednesday.

The 31-year-old became irritated with the boy and twice slapped his body, causing the youngster to become upset, a police summary of facts stated.

Baldwin threatened to strike him if he wasn’t quiet and then followed through soon after with three blows to the boy’s chest.


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