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Weekly Media Roundup

November 13, 2020 at 2:04 PM

Stuff: Family harm programme budget at risk as part of health board cost cuts

Staff involvement in a successful family harm reduction programme may be cut if approved as part of a Canterbury health board plan to slash costs by $57m.

The savings plan proposal was developed earlier this year by the board's executive management team to reduce its deficit, which had ballooned to about $180m.

Details seen by Stuff included cutting $95,000 in staffing and staff attendance at Integrated Safety Response (ISR) meetings.



1 News: Prime Minister told ‘children should be able to flourish’ as demands made to raise benefit levels now

The new Government is coming under immediate pressure to raise benefit levels before Christmas.

More than 50 organisations have penned an open letter to the Prime Minister urging her to act now and help lift children out of poverty.

From beneficiary advocates to workers’ unions, to Save the Children and the Salvation Army, a wide array of social organisations have co-signed the letter to Jacinda Ardern.

“The situation is urgent and growing. As the new Government, you can release these constraints on individuals, families, and children,” the letter reads.

“We are calling on you to urgently lift one of the biggest limitations on whānau and child wellbeing, before Christmas: not having enough income.”



RNZ: 'These people are not above the law' - call for charges over alleged abuse at Lake Alice

A new call has been made for charges to be laid over alleged abuse of young people at Lake Alice Psychiatric Hospital in the 1970s.

Former patients have told the Inquiry into Abuse in Care that they were subjected to massive doses of medication and the use of electroconvulsive therapy as a punishment.



Stuff: The impossible choice for migrant women who are abused by their partners

Maria* was so fearful of her ex-partner she slept with a panic button next to her bed, but she says she wishes she never called the police.

Her former partner, a New Zealander, was convicted of serious violence against her.

Because she told authorities, Maria now has four months to leave the country – and leave behind the toddler from the couple’s relationship.

 “I shouldn’t have called the police. I feel like from that moment everything was worse for me,” says Maria, whose real name Stuff has agreed not to use, to protect her identity. “If I wouldn’t have said anything I could have had my residence already.



Stuff: Immigration NZ 'facilitating abuse' of migrant women who can't leave abusive partners without being deported

A migrant woman, trapped with a violent partner who had convictions for strangulation and threatening to kill her, called Immigration New Zealand (INZ) to ask what would happen if she left her abuser.

She was told by the government department she would have 48 hours to leave the country.

Another woman was told to ask her violent partner for written consent to keep her children, while another lived in a garage with her two children in fear of deportation for two-and-a-half years until her visa was granted.

An internal review into INZ’s handling of visas for migrant victims of family violence has heard of women forced to stay in life-threatening situations, with inconsistent decisions and lengthy processes adding to trauma for those who do escape violent men.



Newsroom: The Covid ‘gender equality backlash’

The world’s top female leaders are calling for more women at the table as the world faces a gender equality backlash. Laura Walters reports

Women have been on the frontlines of the battle against Covid-19, but the pandemic has also highlighted and in many cases exacerbated issues of gender inequality across the world.

At the annual Reykjavik women leaders global forum broadcast from Iceland this week, top female leaders, including former New Zealand Prime Minister Helen Clark and former US presidential candidate Hillary Rodham Clinton, spoke about the disruption caused by Covid-19, and how this has impacted the progression of women.

Clark and her counterparts said now was the time to highlight the importance of gender equality, and the important part female political leaders played in working towards this goal.



Stuff: Man's journey back to the mean streets of his childhood, this time with a helping hand

The last time Pat MacFie was in Hamilton he walked the streets of Bader directionless.

In the 90s Norrie St was plagued with poverty, violence and a constant wail of police sirens.

After his parents' split, MacFie remembers growing up poor, having to move between different houses, witnessing domestic violence and abuse on a daily basis.

Thirty years on, he walks the low socioeconomic streets again – very little has changed – but this time his visit has a purpose, to support the community once the place he called home.



1 News: From living in a tent to influencer: Kiwi internet star Nix initiating courageous sex abuse conversations

An online influencer is utilising her vast reach on social media to initiate courageous conversations around sexual abuse.

The 16–24-year age group is four times more likely to be sexually assaulted than any other age group in New Zealand, according to HELP Auckland, and internet sensation Nicola Adams, or Nix, is utilising her online platform to change this.

The Let Me Speak campaign is a series of live online discussions with people who have lived and experienced some of the hardships that often get swept under the carpet in a bid to raise awareness and educate.

Over the next seven days, Nix is set to interview 11 whānau with lived experience from around New Zealand.



Stuff: Overdoses from date rape drug GHB on the rise in Wellington

Overdoses from date rape drug GHB are on the rise in Wellington, an emergency department doctor says.

Use of the chemical GHB – commonly called liquid ecstasy, rinse or fantasy – was landing more people in the emergency department, Dr Paul Quigley said.

The drug, which is a central nervous system depressant, is so powerful even a small increase in dose can lead to unconsciousness and death.

“These cases are often a medical emergency with the patient deeply unconscious, potentially not breathing and requiring life-support,” he said.



Newshub: Auckland primary school teacher accused of viciously assaulting woman in domestic violence incident

An Auckland school teacher has been labelled an abuser by the daughter of a woman who was hospitalised with horrific bruises and bitemarks after being assaulted. 

Feeling as though she has no other option, Ana - not her real name - is hesitantly speaking out on the condition of anonymity to raise awareness about the seriousness of violence against women in New Zealand. 

Ana says her mother's toxic relationship with the primary school teacher has torn their family apart, and despite being left with terrible injuries, is refusing to lodge a formal complaint with police.



ODT: New programme aims to keep youth safe

Keeping young people safe from sexual exploitation is key for Otepoti Collective Against Sexual Abuse’s newest programme developer.

Kristen Haines is in the research and development stage of the sexual violence programme, which will be available to young people next year.

Originally from Canada, Miss Haines is studying for her master’s degree in social work and has previously studied human trafficking and sexual exploitation.

She wants young people to be aware of the "red flags and risk factors".



Stuff: Family of domestic violence victim Hannah Clarke 'grateful' her strength is being recognised

Before domestic violence victim Hannah Clarke died in hospital in Australia from burns to 97 per cent of her body, she gave two police statements naming her estranged husband as the man responsible for her injuries and her children’s deaths.

New Zealander Rowan Baxter, 42, allegedly doused the car Clarke and their three children – Aaliyah, 6, Laianah, 4, and Trey, 3 – were travelling in on the way to school before setting it alight. The former NRL player stabbed himself to death at the scene.

A witness who came across the horrific tragedy in Brisbane watched as Clark jumped from the burning car and started rolling on the footpath in flames.

Clarke’s statements were made from hospital, before she knew Baxter had died.



NZ Herald: Dunedin rape case deemed 'exceptional', teenager gets home detention


A teenager who lured his victim to a secluded area and held her by the throat while he raped her has avoided imprisonment.

Reuben Thomas Hanna (18) was sentenced to 12 months' home detention yesterday after Judge Russell Walker in the Dunedin District Court found the case was an "exceptional" one.

He accepted the teenager's remorse was genuine and that a head injury sustained in a workplace accident would make a term behind bars unfairly arduous.

The judge acknowledged several references before the court from Hanna's supporters which described him in glowing terms and in which they said they were "shocked and dumbfounded" when they heard about the sex attack.



NZ Herald: Wellington man sentenced for 'campaign' of blackmail against ex partner

It was the year a young Wellington man was supposed to start living - instead he became "ensnared" by an older man who would later launch a "campaign" of blackmail against him.

He had left behind what he described as a cult, the closed religious community he had grown up in. He had left a secure job, his family and his home town, ready to start over.

But he almost immediately fell into a relationship with a man he met on the internet, who he said he "sold his soul to".



Stuff: Grooming case: Teacher picked up boy from school but claims nothing sexual happened

A private school teacher initially told police he had never met a 15-year-old he is accused of grooming online and sexually assaulting.

But Edwin John Downing later changed his story, saying he had picked the boy up from school in his car but nothing sexual had happened.

Downing is on trial in the High Court in Auckland where he has denied 13 charges, including sexual violation, sexual conduct with a young person and sexually grooming a young person.

The charges relate to two boys Downing is said to have met using the gay dating phone app Grindr.



Stuff: Man jailed for 12 years for sexually abusing two girls during weekend visits

A young girl says her life has been changed forever after she was repeatedly sexually abused by a man her family thought they could trust.

She has stopped wearing skirts and shorts, has almost no trust in men and feels unsafe in public due to Rex Munn’s actions.

Munn, 69, was still in denial when sentenced in the Palmerston North District Court on Wednesday to 12 years' jail.

He told a pre-sentence report writer he still denied sexually offending against two girls.



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