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Weekly Media Roundup

October 16, 2020 at 2:04 PM

Newsroom: The mental health tidal wave

The alarming levels of young New Zealanders with mental health issues is being described as a silent pandemic. What's being done to stem the tide? 

Political parties are putting the issue of mental health strongly in focus.

But there's a wave of youth anxiety, mental distress and worries about Covid-19 heading this way - and the services already in place are being overwhelmed.

Fears of failing at school, failing at life, and the big issue of climate change add to the issue that's being described as a pandemic by one top scientist.



Newsroom: The last thing young people need

Coming down hard on young people isn't going to solve youth crime rates, writes Christine McCarthy. If we are going to make progress on outcomes for children to prevent lifetime offending, we have to look to the future.

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The Spinoff: Deepest cut: The barber helping men face up to themselves

Barber Peleti Oli-Alainu’uese has lost his brother to suicide and been a victim of physical and sexual abuse, but he’s now using his story to inspire others to tackle their own issues.

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Newsroom: Abuse, torture and a deep state campaign of denial

It is well established that children were physically and sexually abused in state care in New Zealand over many decades.

But what has always been carefully hidden is the subsequent role of the Crown in deliberately, actively suppressing and stifling the bids for justice by survivors of those crimes.

Today, Aaron Smale reveals the lengths to which the Crown went – via its bureaucratic, legal and political arms – to avoid the blame and liability for crimes committed against minors in its care. The armoury of the state was deployed to stop the public from knowing the extent of this decades-long scandal, causing further trauma and harm to victims in the process.



Stuff: Dilworth School: Former students approach Royal Commission of Abuse

Former students at Auckland’s Dilworth School have registered to make submissions to the Royal Commission of Inquiry into Abuse in Care.

Seven men have appeared at Auckland District Court facing a range of charges relating to alleged historical sexual abuse at the boarding school in Epsom.

The defendants include Dilworth’s former chaplain, Ross Douglas Browne, and two teachers.

The Royal Commission of Inquiry is looking at historical abuse in government and religious organisations, including the Anglican Church and Dilworth.



Stuff: Royal Commission of abuse mistakenly leaked rape survivor's private details

The Royal Commission of Inquiry into Abuse in Care mistakenly leaked a vulnerable rape survivor’s personal information, including their name, address and the name of their rapist.

A form containing the details is addressed from Chair of the Commission, Judge Coral Shaw, and was accidentally sent by a senior support worker to another survivor.

Both the rape survivor and the man who received the document are devastated by the breach.



Stuff: Father jailed for sexually abusing teenage daughter

A Taranaki father sexually abused his teenage daughter and then threatened her when she started to cry, the New Plymouth District Court has heard.

The 35-year-old man, who cannot be named to protect his daughter’s identity, appeared before Judge Gregory Hikaka on Monday for sentencing on a representative charge of sexual connection with a dependant family member.

Following the hearing, eight charges, including four of rape and two of assault with intent to injure, were dismissed by the court.

The pair had not had a relationship until the victim went to live with him following a family agreement.



RNZ: Fiji police set up special taskforce due to growing cases of child abuse

A special taskforce involving Fiji police and government agencies has been set up to promote and safeguard the wellbeing of children in Fiji following increasing reports of child abuse.

Fiji's acting Deputy Commissioner of Police, Jitendra Nair, said police would also work within the inter-agency guidelines on child abuse and neglect.

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Stuff: Domestic abuse victim tells of increasing verbal and physical assaults

A man who assaulted his ex-partner while she already had a protection order against him for domestic violence has been sentenced to 11 months home detention.

Nathan Rolleston pleaded guilty to two charges of impeding breathing, charges of assault and intimidation, and one charge of breaching a protection order.

His former partner read a victim impact statement at his sentencing in the Nelson District Court on Tuesday. She said the most important thing for her was “breaking the cycle of abuse for myself but most importantly for the children”.

She said that his verbal and physical assaults had lasted their entire marriage at an increasing rate, and had involved their children.

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