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Weekly Media Roundup

July 24, 2020 at 1:57 PM

RNZ: MPs' bad behaviour shows Parliament needs to look at its workplace culture

Opinion - This week there have been revelations of poor behaviour by Members of Parliament across the political spectrum beginning with the news of Andrew Falloon, a former MP from the National Party, allegedly sending pornographic images to multiple young women, including a 19-year-old.

These issues speak to poor decisions on behalf of the members involved, and of a cultural problem in Parliament - one that links to issues more widely in New Zealand society.



Stuff: National MP Andrew Falloon scandal: Let's not forget the women affected by this

OPINION: With information tumbling out by the minute about what it seems might regularly take place when ex-MP Andrew Falloon has a drink, it’s hard to know where to begin.

So let’s start, as everyone should have, with the young woman (now we know it’s women, plural) who was sent pornography by a much older man in a position of power and privilege. An MP, whose behaviour should rightly be held to a higher standard than the rest of us plebs.

When women like her are victimised by men like Falloon, for some reason there is often very little apology from the perpetrator – but there’s always intricate scrutiny of her actions.



Newsroom: Anna Rawhiti-Connell: Are men OK?

Men behaving badly, men abusing their power, men abusing women. Why do they still think it's okay? Women can't sort through this mess on their own, writes Anna Rawhiti-Connell

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Stuff: Falloon removed as White Ribbon ambassador

Disgraced former Rangitata MP, Andrew Falloon, has been asked to resign as a White Ribbon ambassador by the advocacy group.

White Ribbon campaign manager Rob McCann said Falloon was asked to resign from the position he has held since 2019 via email on Tuesday morning after news of his unsolicited pornographic texts broke on Monday night.

“We have written to him to resign, so we don’t have to go through the formal process to remove him,” McCann said.

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Newshub: Andrew Falloon using mental health during resignation 'not acceptable' - Mental Health Foundation

Warning: This article discusses mental health problems and suicide.

The way mental health was used by the National Party in the Andrew Falloon saga was "not acceptable", the Mental Health Foundation (MHF) says, and warns it shouldn't be used as a political weapon or shield.

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Newsroom: Power and abuse within youth politics

In recent years, political youth wings have been hit with instances of sexual assault, harassment and allegations of rape culture. Laura Walters takes a look at what’s going on

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Newshub: The reason New Zealand First pulled handbrake on sexual violence legislation

New Zealand First agrees that victims need to be supported but also believes in the rights of defendants to a fair trial, which is why it wants more time to consider proposed sexual violence legislation. 

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Stuff: Some charities may not survive Covid-19 as their finances take a hit

Some charities may not survive the effects of coronavirus, with the financial hit likely to be worse than in the global financial crisis, says an Auckland accountant and member of the Institute of Directors.

In a poll of Institute of Directors (IOD) board members earlier in July, 85 per cent said Covid-19 had moderately or significantly affected their funding.

Craig Fisher, an Auckland-based accountant and Chartered Member of the IOD, said charities and not-for-profits continued to be supported by donors.

However, unlike the financial crisis, which saw very few charities fail, some might not be able to survive this time.

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Stuff: Family violence survivor's long battle to remain with her children in New Zealand

A woman who fled family violence only to face a fight to stay in New Zealand with her children says the battle with Immigration New Zealand (INZ) took all her strength.

Sara* left her European home country and moved to the South Island with her Kiwi husband and their three children several years ago.

After the move, the troubled relationship worsened, and Sara said she endured emotional and physical abuse. But with her husband threatening to pull support for her residence visa, she endured the violence to stay with her children.

But when her children increasingly became the target of her husband’s outbursts, Sara was left with no choice, and she and the children left the family home, she said.

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Stuff: Govt can't afford to wait to change unfair divorce laws

OPINION: When the Law Commission undertook a major review of the Property (Relationships) Act 1976 in 2019, it consulted widely with members of the legal profession and other interested groups.

But the Government recently decided to put the suggested reforms on hold. It acknowledged that the law was no longer fit for purpose, however “it would not take action on the bulk of the recommendations at this time”.

The Law Commission made 140 recommendations relating to the Act. The primary recommendations were that the family home should no longer be divided 50/50 after three years automatically, a proposal for family income sharing agreements (FISA), more powers for courts in regard to trust property, fast and more efficient court processes, and giving the interests of children primary consideration.

Can these reforms wait?

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NZ Herald: Beaten 4-year-old Flaxmere boy out of rehab

A 4-year-old boy brutally beaten in Flaxmere has been discharged from the rehabilitation centre he was admitted to in April.

The boy is now in the care of his grandmother, Hawke's Bay Today understands.

It's nearly six months since an extended family member called emergency services to a Ramsey Cres address on January 29.

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Stuff: Beaten Flaxmere boy discharged from rehabilitation centre, no arrests made



Stuff: Commonwealth Bank launches anti-domestic violence and financial abuse initiative

It's a bizarre and "nasty" new form of psychological abuse and thousands of Australians are doing it every day.

Commonwealth Bank has said it uncovered at least 8000 separate individuals sending threatening and abusive messages to people via its apps and online banking systems.

In one instance, CBA's general manager of customer vulnerability Catherine Fitzpatrick told, a single person sent their victim hundreds of abusive messages, one every few seconds, over a two-hour period.

"Who knew that someone would send multiple messages and write horrible, nasty threatening things through their bank account?"



Stuff: 'Hard to imagine a greater abuse,' judge tells woman who prostituted daughter

A 16-year-old whose mother arranged sex work for her in public toilets has said her “mum’s not a bad person”, while a judge says it’s “hard to imagine a greater abuse of one’s own child”.

The girl said in a victim impact statement that “everyone makes mistakes” and that she’d like to work on her relationship with her mum, but conceded she tried not to think about what had happened so that it did not affect her.

“I think it might hit me later on,” she said in her statement.



RNZ: Police admit officer's hair cutting assault on boy 'completely inappropriate'

An Auckland police officer assaulted a teenage boy by cutting his hair without his permission.

Police have acknowledged it was culturally disrespectful and completely inappropriate. The man remains a sworn police officer.

Sometime in 2018 - not specified by either police nor the Independent Police Conduct Authority (IPCA), police stopped the boy after a pursuit involving a fleeing driver.

The unnamed male officer cut the 14-year-old's hair. Neither the police nor IPCA specified how much was cut off.

Police charged the officer with assault.



RNZ: Outrage in Fiji as rapist trains with rugby club while serving sentence

There's outrage in Fiji over apparent preferential treatment a convicted rapist and former rugby star is receiving from prison officials.

Amenoni Nasilasila was sentenced to eight years in September for the 2018 rape of a young woman.

Last week, the 26-year-old Olympic gold medallist was reportedly seen training with the Namosi rugby teams in Suva.

But women's rights groups say the preferential treatment of high-profile prisoners has to stop.


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