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Weekly Media Roundup

July 17, 2020 at 3:33 PM

NZ Herald: Royal Commission's call to abuse survivors - talk to us and we will investigate

Serial sexual abusers of children in faith-based institutions have been identified by the Royal Commission into Abuse in Care and referred to police.

Royal Commission chairwoman Judge Coral Shaw told the Herald it was anticipated its ongoing investigations would lead to others being named and urged survivors of abuse to come forward to help guide its focus.

"If you are strong enough or brave enough and are a survivor or family or a survivor, we want to talk to you," she said.

Shaw's comments come in the wake of a Herald investigation into abuse allegations involving pastors who served as leaders in the Assemblies of God between 1965 and 1989.



Stuff: Women's Refuge: The workers on the front line as violence spiked in lockdown

Huddling under a carport to shelter from the rain, refuge workers Lottie Siaosi and Vanessa Edwards sit and listen to the woman with a bruised, swollen, face.

She looks to be in her late 50s and she speaks in hushed tones.

The woman doesn't want to capture the attention of her partner as he wipes her blood from the front door frame, and sweeps broken glass from the step.

"It wasn't him that hit me, he is good to me, it was his mate that did it," she tells the two women. 



The Spinoff: Whakamā: fighting the taniwha of shame

Whakamā refers to a state of personal or collective embarrassment and shame. Unabated shame can corrode the soul. Tikanga can fix and prevent it, writes Tainui Stephens.

Read more…


Stuff: Recovering 16-year-old drug addict calls for more support for youth

Cheyenne Gillon-Gibson wants to see more support for teenaged drug addicts in South Canterbury as she fights to stay clean.

On Friday, the 16-year-old celebrated seven months since she last touched hard drugs – a journey which has meant cutting out some of her friends and family, and even avoiding songs she would listen to while using.

“Addiction can last your whole lifetime. It’s about how you deal with it,” Cheyenne said.

“It’s hard to stay sober, especially in a place like Timaru. Everyone knows everyone, so you don’t know who’s going to offer you something.”



Stuff: Meth addicted children and the mothers whose hope gets them through it

She has been beaten up, robbed and threatened. By her own children.

Now Lisa* talks of hope, of a light at the end of a tunnel and of rebuilding her relationship with her son.

But it isn’t always like this.

Earlier this year Lisa was often shaking with fear. She couldn’t sleep. A brand new CCTV camera sat in its box on the dining room table waiting to be opened, set up outside and connected to her cell phone.

She had her son served with a trespass notice. She was so scared of him she shook when he was around her.

Two of her children, aged 27 and 33, were addicted to methamphetamine, also known as P, meth or ice.



Stuff: Mother's struggle highlights family lawyer shortage

Nelson woman Cherie Carton​ called every family lawyer in the directory in a futile search to get help in a child custody dispute.

Carton and her husband separated during the Covid-19 lockdown and were struggling to come to an agreement over the custody of their three children.

She needed a family lawyer urgently, but despite calling more than 30 lawyers in two days, she couldn't find anyone to act for her on legal aid.

“I even offered to pay because I thought it was a legal aid issue and they don't want to know you, but it wasn't that at all, they are just chocka.”



One News: Uncovering child sex abuse in Fiji's Catholic schools

For the last year 1 NEWS has been investigating claims of historic sexual abuse against children in Fiji’s Catholic church.

Pacific correspondent Barbara Dreaver was in Fiji just before lockdown and spoke to some of the victims of the alleged abuse.



Stuff: Man sent 'revengeful' WhatsApp sex content to woman's partner after affair ended

Revenge porn sent after an affair ended led to a man’s conviction for posting harmful digital communications.

Emmanuel Frederic Jerz​ showed the woman’s partner sexually explicit content after telling him about the affair.



Stuff: Southland foster father sentenced for having sex with 16-year-old girl in his care

A Southland man who was a foster dad to dozens of kids over several decades has been sentenced for having sex with a 16-year-old girl in his care.

Judge Bernadette Farnan sentenced the man on a charge of sexual connection with a dependent family member after an incident in the 2000s when he appeared in the Invercargill District Court on Tuesday.

The man was given final name suppression and sentenced o seven months’ home detention, 250 hours’ community work and ordered to pay a $10,000 emotional harm payment.



Stuff: Gloriavale child allegedly sexually abused months after authorities ignored 'call for help'

A child has allegedly been sexually abused at Gloriavale, months after authorities failed to act on a ‘call for help’ over his alleged abuser - a teenager living in the same community.

Police arrived at the isolated West Coast farm last week as part of an inquiry into new claims of child sexual abuse.

It is alleged a teenage male inside the community has sexually offended against multiple boys.



NZ Herald: Mum jailed after bribing 5-year-old to be 'sexual plaything' with boyfriend in 'dreadful' abuse case


A Northland mum has been jailed for almost 10 years for sexually abusing her own daughter - bribing the 5-year-old with chocolate and lollies to take part in sex with her and her boyfriend.

In court the woman tried to blame her own childhood abuse and "abandonment issues" - saying she had feared the man would leave her if she did not comply with his sexual requests.

But she was slammed by the judge, who said her offending was "appalling", "inexplicable" and "ugly".


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