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Weekly Media Roundup

February 14, 2020 at 1:42 PM

The Spinoff: The wins and losses in the new Sallies’ State of the Nation report

Every year the Salvation Army releases a report assessing areas like child poverty and housing. Here’s how we’re doing in 2020.

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Newshub: Salvation Army report highlights 'stubborn' poverty, 'sharp increase' in teen suicide rate

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The Spinoff: ‘Unprecedented breaches of human rights’: The Oranga Tamariki inquiry releases its findings

Findings of the Māori-led inquiry into Oranga Tamariki highlight the trauma and heavy-handed state approach behind New Zealand’s appalling child care and protection statistics. Teuila Fuatai looks at the key findings and reaction to it.

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NZ Herald: Minister, opposition defend Oranga Tamariki head following Māori inquiry into child uplifts

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RNZ: Why prisons should help inmates to be good dads

Insight - There are 9,500 men in prison and many of them have children, but how often do we think about them as fathers? Insight's reporter Teresa Cowie has been inside to find out how fatherhood could be channelled toward reducing reoffending

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Stuff: Critically injured Flaxmere boy a victim of previous suspected abuse

A 4-year-old boy critically injured in a suspected case of child abuse had previously been admitted to hospital with broken bones and removed from his immediate family.

The boy, who will likely be permanently brain damaged if he survives, was admitted to hospital late last month, after police were called to a family violence incident at a property in Ramsey Cres, Flaxmere, where they found him badly bruised and suffering from a severe head injury.

It's unclear when the injuries were sustained or over what period, but police believe they're the result of abuse – among the worst the detective in charge of the investigation has seen inflicted on a child in his 30 year career.

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NZ Herald: Karakia for severely injured boy: Community outrage over brutal beating of 4-year-old at home

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1 News: As badly beaten Flaxmere child lies in hospital, expert fears Kiwis are losing trust in organisations that could help

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Stuff: 'Accidental' victims' advocate shaped by her own harrowing childhood

As a child, Kim McGregor lived on the edge of homelessness. At one point her family was relegated to a rudimentary tin shed on the edge of the Australian desert after they were tossed out of their council house. Her mother's violent boyfriend was responsible for that eviction.

McGregor never saw herself as a victim. That was just life. "Kids are resilient," she says.

But she was a victim – of abuse from her stepfather, of a childhood peppered with violence and uncertainty. Of a system that ignored her pleas for help.

Her background has instilled in her a vital attribute for her job as chief victims adviser to the government – empathy.

If you run out of that in this role, she says, you're really in trouble.

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NZ Herald: Domestic-violence murder: Accused describes lifetime of violent abuse, battered women's syndrome

A jury has been told that a woman who fatally stabbed her partner after years of domestic abuse was suffering from battered women's syndrome.

And for the first time she has spoken - starting with growing up watching violence between her alcoholic parents and how at just 7 her mother would send her "up the road to the phone box to call police to come help".

Karen Anne Ruddelle has admitted killing Joseph Ngapera in November 2018 but denies it was murder.

She says she stabbed him in self defence after he came at her "like he always does" - and because she feared he was going to hurt her teenage son who tried to intervene.

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Newshub: Sexual abuse survivor Ken Clearwater asks MPs to acknowledge male rape victims

A sexual abuse survivor is asking lawmakers to better acknowledge male rape victims and is calling for an end to gender comparisons in sexual abuse statistics.

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Newshub: Lawmakers impressed after Muslim woman calls out rape myths

A Muslim woman's submission on the challenges ethnic communities face when confronted with sexual violence and the "myths" that surround rape has impressed a group of lawmakers.

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RNZ: Domestic abuse victims call for end to 'no-fault' divorce settlements

Warning: This story discusses graphic details of domestic violence

Women who have to pay hundreds of thousands of dollars to abusive ex-husbands if they stay in their family home after a divorce say the law is retraumatising domestic violence victims.

A lawyer says New Zealand's 'no-fault' 50-50 divorce settlements do not reflect the damage inflicted by family violence.

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RNZ: Teenagers accessing self-harm, suicide guides - Netsafe

An alarming number of teenagers have been exposed to suicide and self harm materials online, Netsafe's latest survey shows.

Marking Safer Internet Day today, Netsafe released its Ngā taiohi matihiko o Aotearoa survey results about New Zealand children's experiences online including their view of suicide methods, violent images, hateful content and body image.

Nearly half of the 2061 children aged nine to 17 interviewed by NetSafe had seen harmful content.

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