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Weekly Media Roundup

September 13, 2019 at 12:32 PM

Newsroom: Funding fears for family violence services despite Govt boost

As New Zealand’s family and sexual violence providers prepare to discuss the state of the sector, there are concerns extra funding from the Government is not flowing through to specialist services.

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The Spinoff: A Labour volunteer alleged a violent sexual assault by a Labour staffer. This is her story

A woman who says she was subject of a sustained sexual assault by a Labour staffer has for the first time described the harrowing events and the botched internal investigation which followed. Alex Casey reports. 

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The Spinoff: Editorial: Labour has failed vulnerable young members for a second time. There must be consequences



The Spinoff: A chance for this Labour-led government to begin to redeem itself

The crisis surrounding Labour’s response to alleged sexual assault by a staffer lays bare the inadequacy of our current system, writes Danyl Mclauchlan

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NZ Herald: Baby uplifts: Distressing new videos emerge showing newborns being uplifted

New videos have emerged of newborn babies being uplifted by police under orders of Oranga Tamariki in Auckland.

In one case two family members were arrested for obstruction as they tried to block police from taking a newborn.

But OT stands by its practices, saying its first priority is the safety of babies, children and young people.

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Stuff: Husband behind bars: How prison affected me and my kids

When her husband was imprisoned, an Auckland woman lost everything she'd known: control, financial stability, her children's futures. 

Life became a rotation of prison visits and trips to the food bank – and when her husband got out, life slipped into the same pattern of domestic violence she was used to.

The prison system needs to change to better support families, she says - and Māori voices need to be centred in that, not just surveyed. Both those calls are echoed in a paper published on Thursday by the Māori centre of research excellence, Ngā Pae o te Māramatanga, with researchers calling for a whānau-facing prison system.

This is her story.

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NZ Herald: Synthetic drugs: Death toll rises to 75 as toxic epidemic rages on

At least 75 people have died after taking synthetic drugs in the last two years - including a father of five who was found dead on a busy Auckland street after consuming the toxic substance.

Chief Coroner Judge Deborah Marshall revealed today that since June 2017 24 people had died as a direct result of synthetic drug toxicity.

The remaining cases, where synthetics are provisionally attributed as the cause of death, were still before Coroners around the country.

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Stuff: Mob man's fate hangs over historic abuse inquiry

A Royal Commission of Inquiry into historic State abuse is facing fresh controversy as a key member of an expert advisory group threatens to walk away if high-profile gang member Harry Tam is sacked.

Albie Epere, a Black Power kingpin and member of the commission appointed survivor's advisory group, said Tam was a vital link to the gangs, whose members were disproportionately reflected in the numbers of those who suffered abuse in state care.

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Stuff: Government announces first stages of plan to restart Mental Health Commission, with five-person team appointed

A five-person team has been appointed by the Government to help re-establish and jump-start a mental health and wellbeing commission.

The interim commission, a key recommendation of He Ara Oranga: the Inquiry into Mental Health and Addiction released earlier this year, was funded in this year's Wellbeing Budget.

The previous National Government closed down the Mental Health Commission in 2012, and Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern believed it was time to bring it back into play.

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Stuff: Free, online mental health tool Just a Thought launched

Free mental health support is now coming to Kiwis over the internet, in a bid to get people help faster.

Just a Thought is an online tool for people aged 16 and older, and was launched in Hamilton on Thursday.

"We were extremely concerned about the growing numbers of people not being able to access immediate psychological support to assist with their mental health," clinical lead Anna Elders said in a statement.

"We knew we needed to find a solution."

The Wise Group - which provides mental health and wellbeing services - adapted the tool from an Australian model.

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Stuff: Family of dead Whanganui woman Jasmine Wilson want others to speak up about violence

The family of Whanganui woman Jasmine Wilson is holding a vigil in the hope of preventing another death in similar tragic circumstances.

Thirty-year-old Wilson died on August 2. Police said she was assaulted and died of "non-accidental injuries". Although four people have been arrested during the police homicide investigation, no-one is yet charged with her murder.

The vigil will be at Majestic Square in Whanganui from 4pm to 7pm on Saturday and Wilson's mother Brenda Reuben expected a couple of hundred people to attend.

Reuben said the event was to bring Whanganui together to talk and include all families affected by violence or death.

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Stuff: Complex challenges tipping Kiwi families into poverty, Auckland NGO says

A family arrives at a charity, desperate for help with a housing problem.

Ten years ago, a single agency might have offered help, and the story had a chance of ending happily.

But as a major new study study raises concerns about a $630 million funding shortfall for social service providers, families face an increasingly complex landscape when it comes to fighting poverty.

Trevor McGlinchey, the executive director at the NZ Council of Christian Social Services, said the typical Kiwi family seeking help was now often more at risk of unravelling after a single financially stressful event.

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Stuff: How Māori tikanga course broke cycle of offending

A top of the south tikanga Māori programme is helping offenders to turn their lives around by strengthening their connection with their culture. Samantha Gee reports. 

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Stuff: Childhood horrors laid bare as survivors talk of sexual abuse

Tears have taken up residence behind Grant West's bright blue eyes.

He is 57 years old, a burly Kiwi living in Australia with bleach-tipped hair and a crumpled leather jacket.

By his estimate, he was sexually abused by 60 to 80 men by the time he turned 18. Just two of them faced justice.

His first abuser was his mother, he says. He was 4.

Then the church moved in.

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NZ Herald: Chilling conversation: Daughter lay bleeding in bed as attacker chatted calmly to her mum

A Waipukurau man has been sentenced to one of the longest non-fatal violence terms ever imposed in a Hawke's Bay court for an attack on a girlfriend he left bleeding profusely in her own bed without calling for any help.

Appearing in Napier District Court today, Jamie Shane Wilkinson, 37, was sentenced to 14 years, which included 18 months for his intimidation of the victim and attempts, including phone calls from jail, to make her withdraw her evidence.

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Stuff: Prominent New Zealand entertainer guilty of domestic violence retains name suppression

A prominent entertainer convicted of domestic violence has retained name suppression after a hearing at North Shore District Court. 

The man was in April convicted and sentenced for one count of male assaults female for an assault on his wife and was granted interim name suppression.

At Friday's hearing Judge Pippa Sinclair declined a bid for ongoing suppression, but an interim order of suppression remains in place for the next 20 days while an appeal is considered. 

The victim of the assault no longer supported name suppression, but a third party filed in support of suppression on the grounds naming him would cause extreme hardship to family members of the accused. 

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