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Weekly Media Roundup

August 09, 2019 at 2:11 PM

NZ Herald: Sir Anand Satyanand on why he's leaving the Royal Commission into Abuse in Care

Sir Anand Satyanand has resigned from his role as chairman of the inquiry into abuse in state care, paying tribute to survivors who shared their stories - and promising it is on firm footing to finish the job he started.

The former Governor-General told the Herald in an exclusive interview he "had to make a judgment call about age, time and capacity".

He said he had turned 75 in recent weeks and made the decision after recognising the inquiry would continue through until 2023 - longer than originally envisioned.

The workload had also expanded, with the terms of reference expanding from state care institutions to include abuse in faith-based care.

In resigning, Satyanand said it was an appropriate time to go as the inquiry was about to shift from the establishment work carried out in the first 18 months to holding public hearings and carrying out the investigation it was set up to do.

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RNZ: Sir Anand Satyanand steps down as head of inquiry into historical abuse



RNZ: Survivors say they're losing faith after Sir Anand Satyanand resigns from abuse inquiry



Govt takes notes from startup sector to tackle country's big problems

Family violence, poverty, unemployment; poor health, education and housing - these are major and seemingly intractable problems facing New Zealanders every day.

A programme launched last night aims to tackle these head on.

Lightning Lab GovTech is a three-month long scheme where 10 government projects are picked and workshopped in an accelerator programme that uses methods from the start-up sector.

It brings together local and central government, NGOs and the private sector to work on projects with the aim of making government better.

"It's taking government projects and helping them to go a lot faster, applying startup-style innovation science," programme director Jonnie Haddon said.



NZ Herald: West Auckland homicide 'wake up' call for Kiwis to combat domestic violence

The Massey community is reeling after one of their own was stabbed to death in the middle of a suburban street, allegedly by her ex partner, on Monday.

Now, in a bid to save others from losing their lives in similar circumstances, community leaders and advocates are calling on all Kiwis to do their part in reducing family violence.

Just after 8.30am on Monday a woman was stabbed to death on Westgate Dr in Massey.

Witnesses told the Herald a man ran up to her, stabbed her repeatedly and then took off in a car.

He was captured by police just eight minutes later - after a member of the public used their own car to stop the fleeing vehicle - and taken into custody.



RNZ: Babies in Oranga Tamariki care - safe or seized?

Oranga Tamariki is under fire, as broken families come forward to complain about how the Ministry for Children is taking their children into care, and four inquiries probe the agency.

But how should Oranga Tamariki strike a balance between keeping children safe and keeping families together?

In a new Insight documentary, Māori News Correspondent Leigh-Marama McLachlan visits heart-broken families desperate to get their children back, Oranga Tamariki staff facing public anger, and community groups and legal experts dealing with the agency and parents.

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Newsroom: March for justice on NZ’s ‘taken generation’

With the Ihumātao occupation dominating headlines, a march on Parliament calling for an end to the state's "theft" of Māori children has slipped under the radar. But as Sam Sachdeva writes, the issue may prove more damaging to the Government in the long run.

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RNZ: Hundreds rally to call for change at Oranga Tamariki



Stuff: Unsafe, unsupported, and not listened to: Victims feel failed by criminal justice system

A survey has found crime victims feel they are failed by the criminal justice system, with majority feeling unsafe, unsupported and not listened to.

The Ministry of Justice's 'strengthening the criminal justice system for victims survey' focused on "what works and what doesn't" for victims in the criminal justice system. The survey took place between February and March 2019 and received 620 responses from victims fom age 15 to over 65.

It found 63 per cent of victims had poor experiences with the system overall, while 83 per cent disagreed the system was safe for victims.

Seventy seven per cent disagreed that victims were listened to regarding their views, concerns and needs, and 79 per cent disagreed victims were offered enough support and information throughout justice proceedings.



Stuff: When Nan's love turned deadly: Kalis Smith murdered aged 13 by the woman who raised her

It wasn't just Lorraine Smith's three grandchildren who called her Nan.

The whole neighbourhood did.

Smith, 59, raised her youngest granddaughter Kalis since she was barely a month old. They lived with Kalis' sister Paris, 19, and 16-year-old brother Lexus in Whanganui. 

Paris says her Nan was always helping others, no matter what. "My friends all called her Nan. Others in the neighbourhood called her Nan. If you needed food, if you needed a place to stay, she would help."

"She taught us how to be independent, how to respect people."

But Smith's family believe a lifetime of putting other's needs above her own may have caused her to snap. One day in March, after a bitter argument, she murdered Kalis. She was just 13 years old.



Newstalk ZB: Expert: Lorraine Smith benefited from 'rare' mercy from courts



Killing of granddaughter shows severity of carer burnout - advocate



Stuff: Police lose file after Auckland woman complains of stalker's 'terrifying' home invasion

An Auckland woman who locked herself in a gun storage room to escape an alleged stalker waited more than a year for police to follow up on her complaint, only to be told they had lost the file.

The woman said she was harassed and stalked over a six-month period in 2018 after a brief "fling" with the man.

She said he repeatedly broke into her central Auckland flat while she was asleep, claiming he needed a place to stay after drinking in the CBD. She also said he touched her inappropriately while she watched TV with her new boyfriend and banged on their bedroom door demanding to sleep in their bed.



Newsroom: Hashtags helping find young people in crisis

It’s a world-first online project, run out of west Auckland, by volunteers sometimes in their pyjamas - and it’s helping to save young lives around the world.

A not-for-profit organisation, Zeal runs creative workshops and programmes for teenagers in youth centres around the country.

But it’s also home to the Online Crisis Intervention programme, which supports social media users who are experiencing mental health crises, by keeping them chatting.

Zeal’s vision is to get help to every young person in crisis online, explains Elliot Taylor, executive director of Online Crisis Intervention.

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Stuff: Malcolm Bell alleged murder: People close to toddler raised concerns with Oranga Tamariki

People contacted Oranga Tamariki concerned about the "situation" of 16-month-old Malcolm Robert Bell before his death. 

The infant was rushed to Starship Children's Hospital with serious injuries on June 23 and died on June 29. 

Last Thursday, a 51-year-old man appeared in the Auckland District Court charged with Malcolm's murder.



Te Ao Māori News: The Salvation Army helps rangatahi aspire to achieve their best

The Salvation Army is supporting hundreds of at-risk rangatahi throughout Aotearoa through the Aspire program.

Many rangatahi involved in the program are either socially isolated or involved with drugs and alcohol and for many, this program is a turning point,

It an initiative that aims to keep young people on the right track. 

Aspire national coordinator Michael Smith says, "It's a medium for us to engage and support young people.  We do focus on partnering with the school to help them with the group they have needs with and often that means kids who are at risk."



Stuff: New camera will help medical assessments of sex abuse victims

Doctors at Christchurch Hospital say new technology will make examinations of child sex abuse victims easier and less traumatic. 

In 2018, 32 children aged 13 years and under from the Canterbury and West Coast District Health Board regions were assessed for physical signs of sexual abuse.

Evidence gained from medical assessments can be very important in a decision to take an alleged sex offender to court but also traumatic for the child and their family. 



RNZ: Report finds 'shocking' levels of child violence in Pacific

A report has detailed shocking levels of physical violence and neglect towards millions of Pacific Islands children, sparking calls for better-targeted aid programmes from countries like New Zealand and Australia.

The report team, from combined aid agencies, investigated child-rearing practices in seven Pacific countries, as well as Timor-Leste.

The report found as many as four million children experience violence at home across the Pacific - a staggering 2.8 million in Papua New Guinea alone.



RNZ: Shocking murder in Fiji highlights domestic violence problem

In Fiji a United Nations worker was killed this week allegedly by her husband who she had recently separated from.

The man is reported to be in hospital after attempting to take his own life and family members from Australia are now caring for the couple's three young children.

The director of the Fiji Women's Crisis Centre spoke with Jenny Meyer about how the incident has shocked the community and has highlighted the issue of domestic violence.



RNZ: IFC lays out huge business cost from domestic violence

The International Finance Corporation is aiming to help workers who are victims of gender-based violence in Fiji.

The agency has just released a report detailing what can happen in the workplace to overcome domestic and sexual violence.

The report showed the heavy cost of such violence, not only to families but also for businesses.


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