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Weekly Media Roundup

July 26, 2019 at 11:43 AM

RNZ: 'Systemic inequality' in Māori involvement in child protection

Research has suggested that poverty is not the reason Māori are being taken into state care at rates far higher than Pākehā children.

The study, published today in the American Journal of Public Health, followed almost 60,000 children from birth until the age of 18, the first cumulative study of child protection encounters by ethnicity.

It found Māori children were far more likely to be reported as an alleged victim of abuse or neglect, for it to be determined that maltreatment occurred, and more likely to be placed in care.



Stuff: Māori mothers fear and mistrust 'systemically racist' authorities

An "alarming" one in 14 Māori children have a chance of being removed from their parents, compared with one in 50 Pākehā children. Michelle Duff reports.

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Newsroom: Jan Logie: The Government’s secret success story

The Greens' Jan Logie is just a humble under-secretary, but she's having an oversized impact on sexual and family violence reform. Laura Walters talks to Logie about what drives her, and the most difficult parts of the job.

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RNZ: More residential homes could stop Oranga Tamariki uplifts

Vulnerable mothers desperately need access to more residential homes so they can keep their babies instead of watching them being taken into state care, an Insight investigation has found.

Last year, 281 babies were taken from their mothers within three months of birth, up from 247 in 2016.

But there are only five residential homes nationwide that offer a safe environment for women and their babies and support mothers to be good parents.

These homes can only offer 24 places for vulnerable mothers and their children at any one time.



Stuff: Three quarters of harm in state care happens to Māori children: Oranga Tamariki report

More than three quarters of the children harmed over the three months to March in state care were Māori.

Over the three-month period more than 100 children in state care, though some were living with their parents, were harmed sexually, physically, or emotionally, an Oranga Tamariki report found. 

​Oranga Tamariki's Safety of Children in Care Unit was established last year to better report on "non-accidental harm" caused to children in care. 



Newsroom: Victim of abuse compromised by privacy leak

A victim of domestic violence has had to find alternative accommodation after Oranga Tamariki breached her privacy for the second time in three years. Bonnie Sumner reports.

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Stuff: Women's refuge worker allegedly stabbed at safe house by domestic violence victim

A women's refuge worker has been allegedly stabbed repeatedly by a domestic violence victim while visiting her at a safe house.

The incident happened in Christchurch about 4.15pm on Monday, as two Te Whare Hauora staff tried to get a 23-year-old woman to undergo a voluntary mental health assessment elsewhere.

The woman, who'd been a resident at the house for several weeks, became distressed, allegedly lashing out with a kitchen knife.


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