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Weekly Media Roundup

May 31, 2019 at 2:45 PM

The Spinoff: Budget 2019 at a glance: boost for beneficiaries, vulnerable children, mental health

Budget 2019: Fresh from the parliamentary budget lockup, Spinoff business editor Maria Slade summarises the funding announcements from Labour’s first Wellbeing Budget.

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Newsroom: Funding for youth leaving state care

Oranga Tamariki is working to improve the quality of state care and support - as well as reduce the number of young people in care. Laura Walters reports on a new $153m transition service aimed at setting young people up for an independent life.

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Stuff: Budget NZ 2019: Benefits will follow wage growth in historic change

The Government will index main benefits to wage growth from April 2020, meaning benefit payments will rise in line with wages - not inflation.

This change brings main benefits like the Jobseekers Benefit, Sole Parent Support, and Supported Living Payments into line with the way Superannuation is calculated.

The policy is part of a child poverty package the Government expects will take up to 212,000 children out of poverty.

It follows on from a recommendation by the Welfare Expert Advisory Group, and calls from the Children's Commissioner and other advocates over many years.



Stuff: The Homicide Report: An unprecedented and ongoing record of our biggest social problems

Four Government ministers - including the Prime Minister - have spoken in the past fortnight of the impact of Stuff's Homicide Report investigation. Blair Ensor and Katie Kenny reflect on what the project has achieved - and on its future.

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NZ Herald: Hawke's Bay toddler killer Benny Haerewa admits more abuse and crimes against children

The man behind one of New Zealand's worst child abuse cases has been convicted of more crimes, including wrapping an extension cord around a woman's neck.

Benny Haerewa, who is related to Moko Rangitoheriri's killer, appeared today in the High Court at Auckland, where he pleaded guilty and was convicted of 11 charges against three victims.

His name suppression also lapsed this morning.

Two decades ago, Haerewa was sentenced to 12 years' imprisonment for manslaughter for the killing of his 4-year-old stepson James Whakaruru in 1999.



Newshub: Playing team sports can help deal with childhood trauma - study

Playing team sports can help children who have been exposed to adverse childhood experiences a new study in the US says.

Released by the University of California the reports say playing a team sport in adolescence led to lower rates of anxiety and depression for people who had experienced trauma in childhood.

The study, called Association of Team Sports Participation With Long-term Mental Health Outcomes Among Individuals Exposed to Adverse Childhood Experiences, looked at 9700 people, around half of whom had experienced some adverse childhood experience ACE.

The experiences included sexual abuse, mental abuse and parental alcohol abuse.



The Spinoff: YES YES YES uses theatre as a tool for educating teens about consent

A play teaching teens about consent and sexual harassment opens in Wellington this week, followed by Auckland next month. Co-creator Karin McCracken talks about why the show was necessary, and the generationally unique struggles kids face today.

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NZ Herald: NZ ranked in Top 30 for protecting children but needs to do more to reduce child homicide

New Zealand has ranked in the top 15 per cent in a new report that looks at the livelihoods of children across the globe.

The Global Childhood Report 2019 by Save the Children, which was released today, ranked New Zealand 25th out of 176 evaluated countries.

The report examined the major reasons why childhood comes to an early end, including; access to health care, education, nutrition and protection from harmful practices like child labour and child marriage.

Singapore topped the rankings as the country that best protects and provides for its children, followed closely by Sweden, Finland, Norway and Slovenia.

New Zealand ranked 25th, an increase on last year's ranking of 28. Australia ranked 15th, up two places from last year.

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NZ Herald: Pet Refuge: $250,000 target reached in fundraiser for shelter for domestic abuse animals

In just seven days more than $250,000 has been donated to set up New Zealand's first shelter for animals affected by domestic violence.

The target of $250,000 was set last week when details of Pet Refuges were released in the Herald.

Tonight that target was not only reached, but surpassed - and now stands at $252,954.

And another $25,000 is yet to come from a dollar-for-dollar match promise by a pet supply company.

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Stuff: 'I wasn't bleeding, but I was broken': My story of domestic abuse

After she found out her employer IAG was taking meaningful steps to create a domestic violence free workplace with charity Shine, one woman decided to tell them how much that meant to her. This is the letter she wrote to the company's bosses.

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RNZ: Porse child carer jailed for three years for shaking baby

A Porse caregiver who shook a baby twice, causing permanent brain damage, has been sentenced to three years in jail.

Margaret Elstone, 63, appeared in the Napier District Court this morning after being convicted last month of causing grievous bodily harm with reckless intent.

She had shaken the 6-month-old boy on two separate occasions at her home in January 2017, two weeks apart.

The child's mother told as she read out a victim impact statement that her baby had endured "excrutiating pain" as a result of the abuse.

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Stuff: Taranaki father's mental health strain following Family Court case

A Taranaki father said he suffered a mental breakdown due to the stress he experienced during a recent Family Court battle with his ex.

And in the aftermath, he is calling for more scrutiny on how the court operates along with a more stringent test of the evidence put before it.

His case before the Family Court is now over but it dragged on for 17 months, sparked off by allegations from his former partner that he was physically abusive, claims he flatly denied.

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Gisborne Herald: Victims of violence

“What sort of human kicks a woman in the head almost to death? And even more disgustingly in front of his children? Shame on you.”

Those were a mother’s words in Gisborne District Court for Tory Hinaki, who was jailed for 10 years, four months for nearly beating her daughter to death.

Hinaki’s ongoing violence towards his partner (now ex) escalated in an incident last May in which he bashed her so severely she has permanent facial disfigurement and serious brain injuries.

The couple’s three children — two pre-schoolers and a baby — are severely traumatised from witnessing the attack.


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