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Weekly Media Roundup

April 18, 2019 at 1:52 PM

1 News Now: Wellington bar owners will see new rules to prevent sexual violence

Wellington bar and restaurant owners will soon have to have sexual violence prevention measures set in place to keep their liquor licenses.

This comes after Hospitality New Zealand made a proposal to the city council a year ago - and the council is now adamant to see a change.



ODT: Fourty percent of us flagged by police

Nearly two million people appear in a New Zealand police intelligence system with an alert against their name, inquiries by the Otago Daily Times have revealed.
Those in the database are generally flagged without their knowledge, and a leading security analyst says the broad sweep of the system raises privacy concerns.
George Block reports.

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Newsroom: Porn and media play part in sexual violence

Warning: This story discusses issues related to rape and sexual violence.

New Zealand has stubbornly high rates of sexual violence, despite feminist movements like #MeToo. Laura Walters looks at the the societal barriers to ending rape.



Newsroom: Police approach to rape has improved, results haven’t

Warning: This story discusses issues related to rape and sexual violence.

The way police handle and investigate sexual violence cases has significantly improved in the past two decades, but a raft of barriers mean the low rates of prosecution and conviction refuse to budge.

Victoria University of Wellington criminology professor Jan Jordan said her research found many of the issues still centred around problems with consent, which was increasingly difficult to navigate in the world of online dating.

As well as problems with New Zealand’s consent regulations - where the woman had to prove consent was not given - Jordan raised the issues of a high evidentiary threshold, and the country’s adversarial justice system as barriers to holding perpetrators accountable.



Stuff: Fewer rape prosecutions show the law is 'failing victims': researchers

Fewer alleged rapists are being prosecuted now than 20 years ago, a Marsden-funded study has found.

Victoria University criminologist Jan Jordan said the situation for victims has worsened in two decades, with alleged rapists now less likely to be taken to court than they were in 1997.

"Radical change is needed," Jordan said as she presented the five-year research project to a university symposium on Tuesday. "We need to scratch the adversarial justice system in relation to rape and sexual violence...the consent laws aren't working.



Stuff: A cut above: Humble Christchurch barber changes men's lives

Matt Brown is a Christchurch barber, author, speaker and survivor of physical and sexual violence. He uses his barber's chair as a "holy space" to help men overcome toxic masculinity. VICKI ANDERSON reports.

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1 News Now: Small increase in mental health, family violence issues as police remain vigilant in wake of Christchurch attack

Police say they have noticed a small increase in both mental health issues and family violence in the Canterbury area in the wake of March 15, with the official threat level of another attack remaining high.

Almost a month has passed since the attack, and police say it has been and exhausting, but rewarding time for them.



The Spinoff: Sexual assault and harassment rife at Dunedin’s Knox College

More survivors of sexual violence at Knox College have come forward since Critic broke the story of sexual abuse and harassment at the Otago University hall of residence a month ago. Content warning: sexual assault and harassment.

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RNZ: Knox College sexual assault claims not dealt with years ago - students

Student leaders from the University of Otago's Knox College wrote a letter to hostel managers two years ago telling them sexual assault complaints were not being handled properly.

Dozens of women have spoken to media over recent weeks with complaints of a toxic culture and a lack of support for victims.

In 2017 nine student leaders or resident advisors (RAs) from Knox surveyed those living at the hostel asking them how it could be improved.

The responses showed students felt they were not listened to, did not trust management and that the complaints and disciplinary processes were not clear.



RNZ: Teenage pregnancy on the decline

The rate of teenage pregnancy in New Zealand has halved in the past decade, the Ministry of Health has revealed.

The Report on Maternity found that in 2017 the teenage birth rate was 15 per 1000 females. In 2008 it was 33 per 1000.

Family Planning New Zealand chief executive Jackie Edmond said the decrease in teenage pregnancy figures was a positive change.



Noted: No one is immune: The Aunties’ Jackie Clark on her abusive marriage

Months after being widowed, The Aunties’ Jackie Clark – daughter of privilege turned women’s charity founder – talks for the first time about her own abusive marriage. Donna Chisholm reports.

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NZ Herald: Legal expert says erotic strangulation 'on the edge of homicide'

A UK woman who made international headlines after she was found dead in a five-star hotel room was believed to have died in a sex game that went horribly wrong.

Now a prominent legal expert is calling for the violent sex act to be banned, saying it's domestic violence and likening it to a game of chicken on the road.

Anna Florence Reed, 22, was discovered lifeless in the bathroom last week, hours after an alleged altercation with her German lover that was said to involve erotic asphyxiation.

While retired United States Superior Court Judge Eugene Hyman has no connection to the case, he has spoken out about how such a dangerous act cannot be consented to, labelling strangulation as "foreplay for death".

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Newshub: 'Difficult' to measure New Zealand's child pornography problem – Customs

It's hard to know how much child pornography is in New Zealand, Customs' operations manager of investigations says, in the wake of a bust in New Zealand.

Stephen Waugh told The AM Show a lot of child abuse images are hosted on parts of the internet regular Kiwis would not know about.

Images would sit on the dark web, on platforms specifically made for child abuse.

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Stuff: 'It was a horror story': Education chiefs ignored historic school abuse, victim claims

An abuse survivor, molested while being caned at high school, says his complaints were ignored by the Ministry of Education.

The 66-year-old, who Stuff has agreed not to name, attended Wellington's Rongotai College in the mid 1960s.

From the age of 13, he was regularly ordered to take off his pants, and then groped by principal Noel Mackay before being beaten.



Stuff: Man who beat his former partner came to court with an envelope of cash

A man who beat his former partner has avoided jail time after writing letters of apology and handing over an envelope of cash.

Arikeu Timutimu, 25, appeared in Pukekohe District Court for sentencing this month after pleading guilty to a charge of injuring with intent to injure.

A summary of facts states that on December 21 Timutimu was at a work function with the victim when the two began arguing about her talking to other men.

Timutimu told her it was time to leave and arranged for a sober driver to take them home. When she refused he grabbed her by the arms and dragged 10 metres across concrete into his friend's truck. 



Stuff: Making a vigilante: the rise and fall of the Palmy Creep Catcher

A lot can change in a year.

If anyone should be able to relate to that, it is Connor Bevins.

He was best known in April 2018 as the Palmy Creep Catcher, on a quest to keep Palmerston North's children safe from sexual predators.

He laid traps online, luring alleged paedophiles into public so he could confront, film and expose them.

Fast forward a year and his vigilante crusade has ended with only one man in jail – himself.



Stuff: Relationship and drugs led to six years of abuse of daughters, court hears

Two teenage sisters were subjected to physical and emotional abuse for six years as they watched their mother consume illegal drugs.

Details of the sister's upbringing were detailed when their mother appeared for sentencing in the Pukekohe District Court this month after pleading guilty to two counts of assaulting a child.

A summary of facts, presented to the court, revealed that in February 2018 the two girls finally confronted their mother about her drug use and her toxic on-off relationship with her partner.

The girls were 12 and 15 years old at the time.


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