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Weekly Media Roundup

February 15, 2019 at 11:29 AM

The Spinoff: I adore NZ cricket. But I won’t watch until the silence on Kuggeleijn is broken

Until New Zealand Cricket addresses the Scott Kuggeleijn situation, Black Caps superfan Michelle Langstone will no longer be watching her beloved team. Here she explains why.

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NZ Herald: What did the juries hear in the Scott Kuggeleijn case?

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NZ Herald: Sports Minister Grant Robertson says New Zealand Cricket needs to respond clearly to Scott Kuggeleijn concerns

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Stuff: Martin Devlin: 'I have missed the mark'

Radio Sport has apologised after its host hit out at a journalist for taking a banner advocating for sexual consent to a Black Caps game.

Host Martin Devlin called the journalist "the lowest form of life" during a heated on-air rant on Saturday.

The director of Help in Auckland, an agency that works with victims of sexual assault, said Devlin's comments were harmful and concerning.

The target of his rant was Spinoff journalist Madeleine Chapman, who took a banner to the cricket on Friday night in protest against NZ Cricket's heavily criticised decision to include Scott Kuggeleijn in the Black Caps squad.

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RNZ: Insight: Teenagers who kill

A Hawke's Bay teenager jailed for life for murdering a rough sleeper is now one of the country's youngest killers. Disturbingly, he joins three other local teenagers sentenced for violent murders in the past 12 months. For Insight, Anneke Smith visited Hawke's Bay to find out what was happening with these young people.

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Newshub: The man taking on NZ's shameful family violence rates

t's been almost a decade since Kiwi mum Helen Meads was murdered by her husband, Greg. 

She'd been suffering violence at his hands for several years, when she decided to take the brave step to leave her husband, taking their children, to start a new life. 

Four days later, she was dead. Another devastating case of family violence - another life lost. 

It was after this awful tragedy her father David decided to take a stand, to try to tackle this devastating issue.

He's heading to 71 electorates in 71 days, giving 120 presentations - one for each member of Parliament. 

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NZ Herald: State of the Nation report: Change of Govt yet to have an impact on NZ's big social problems

The "unrelenting rise" of methamphetamine in New Zealand is one of the lowlights in the Salvation Army's latest State of the Nation Report.

"As a country this is becoming, possibly, a plague - certainly in some communities," said the report's author and policy analyst Alan Johnson.

"And we need to redouble our efforts to address both the people making and selling the stuff and the people growing addicted to it.

"We've said that before, but it just seems to be something that gets worse year-on-year."

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ODT: Stop killing our children

Not another one. Not another innocent young life snuffed out by a family member.

Our national shame is the treatment of our children - entirely at odds with the image of New Zealand as a great place to live - and just when you think the situation is improving, another tragic death makes you question where it all went wrong.

We do not know much, yet, about this latest case, other than the fact police have launched a homicide investigation after finding the body of a five-month-old child at a house in Motueka.

Sunny Motueka. A lovely, vibrant spot popular with holidaymakers and fruit lovers and coffee drinkers. And the latest place where a New Zealand baby has been killed.

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Stuff: Five-month-old baby found dead at Motueka home, homicide investigation launched

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NZ Herald: Finance Minister Grant Robertson says the budget will be delivered on May 30 this year

The Government will deliver this year's Budget on May 30, Finance Minister Grant Robertson has revealed.

It will be the first wellbeing budget this Government has delivered – also the first of its kind anywhere in the world.

Robertson announced in last year's budget that the Government would be focusing on wellbeing in its future budgets.

In a statement this morning, he said a wellbeing approach was an evidence-based framework used to identify the budget priorities and then assess which budget bids should be accepted.

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NZ Herald: Janet Peters: Intervene early to lessen trauma for kids


The Government's Mental Health and Addiction Inquiry has done a great job in raising many issues important to New Zealand. One area that I see as needing further attention is that of earlier intervention for our children and families.

Earlier intervention across government, not just in health.

As the Ministry of Health itself notes, "The science is clear: What happens before conception and birth and within the first three years of postnatal life has a major effect on the subsequent development of the child, through adolescence and into adulthood."

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Noted: Youth mental health is in crisis and NZ is failing to keep up

The introduction of a free youth mental-health pilot for Porirua, and later the wider Wellington region, is welcome news. Unfortunately, the rising incidence of serious mental-health suffering among our young people means this will still be far too little, far too late.

Never mind putting the proverbial fence at the top of the cliff, we barely even have an ambulance at the bottom for those who fall. The Government has rightly prioritised mental health in its “well-being” reorientation of the Budget process and has increased spending on it. But this is still a public service in crisis. As with many struggling sectors, finding skilled staff may be as much of an issue as funding. But it is far too hard to get stricken young people into “the system”, and waiting lists are so long as to be almost pointless.

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The Spinoff: How the wording of our sexual assault laws is making it harder to convict

Vague and antiquated legal language undermines complainants in cases of sexual assault, writes New Zealand Law Journal editor Brenda Midson.

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RNZ: Jealousy, murder and lies: The killing of Arishma Chand

He stabbed his former girlfriend to death then tried to explain away the scratches on his face by saying women had flagged down his car and clawed at his face. After he was sentenced to life imprisonment with a minimum non-parole period of 19 years today, Anneke Smith recounts how Rohit Singh's obsession with Arishma Chand ended her short life.

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Stuff: 'Obsessive' ex-boyfriend Rohit Singh sentenced to life in prison for murder of Arishma Chand

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NZ Herald: Jealous, murderous stalker Rohit Singh jailed for life

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RNZ: Arthur Taylor, freed, likely to tackle royal commission into historical abuse

Opinion - Twentieth time lucky for Arthur William Taylor - although perhaps not quite as lucky for the royal commission of inquiry into historical abuse that could yet be the next forum for New Zealand's self-styled jailhouse lawyer now that he's a free man.

Mr Taylor, one of the country's longest serving prisoners, was granted parole late last month after being denied it 19 times. He was released yesterday.

His sentences have been long. Longer still have been the paragraphs of law he has absorbed while on the inside, which he has gone on to parlay with some success in court in a number of high-profile cases, including ones over the smoking ban in prisons and the right of prisoners to vote.

Those skills may yet be in evidence again when the royal commission of inquiry into historical abuse finally starts.

For all his better-known public activity, one of the subjects that most exercises Arthur Taylor continues to be a small institution from a far-off time: Epuni Boys' Home north of Wellington, which is where he believes he received his criminal apprenticeship.

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RNZ: Samoa village council to fine men who beat their wives

A village council in Samoa has decided to fine men who beat their wives $US760 and banish them if they don't pay.

Newsline Samoa reported the Vaie'e council on Safata voted this week to take action against domestic violence.

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NZ Herald: Auckland restaurant's Valentine's Day sign seen to promote violence against women

An Auckland restaurant is being accused of promoting violence against women after putting up a Valentine's Day sign suggesting men open the car boot for their dates.

Dominion Rd restaurant Eiffel en Eden this week put up a blackboard sign on the street reading: "On Valentine's Day open the car door for her. After Valentine's Day open the car boot for her."

The restaurant manager told the Herald today that the sign referred to helping women with the groceries - but the sign has been slammed as "tone deaf" and in bad taste given New Zealand's poor domestic violence record.

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NZ Herald: High-ranking Northland cop on trial: Complainant's evidence cross-examined

A woman who has accused Kevin Stephen Burke of sexual assault has denied in court being romantically involved with a conman he was investigating.

Two women – one a victim of domestic violence – have accused Burke of sexually assaulting them.

Burke, a detective inspector based in Northland, denies two charges of indecent assault and two of unlawful sexual connection.

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Stuff: Accountancy firm removes 'sexist', 'appalling' newsletter after complaints

A Christchurch accountancy firm has removed a newsletter from its website and taken down its Facebook page after people complained about the "sexist" and "offensive" content.

Perriam & Partners' February newsletter, which is published on its website and sent to clients, contained "humorous" stories making fun of women refusing to have sex with their husbands. Another post mocked beneficiaries.

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NZ Herald: Child, Youth and Family caregiver faces raft of sexual, physical abuse charges

An Auckland man is facing a raft of charges related to the sexual and physical abuse of young boys placed with him while he was working as a Child, Youth and Family caregiver.

The 50-year-old is facing 43 charges relating to 17 boys.

The alleged offending happened in the mid-2000s and came to light last year.

After an intensive police investigation, dubbed Operation Elephant, the man was charged just before Christmas.

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Newshub: Australian feminist Clementine Ford slams Otago Daily Times for 'sympathetic' rapist article

Australian feminist Clementine Ford has accused the Otago Daily Times (ODT) of "disgusting" reporting of a South Island rape.

Daniel Peter Moore was sentenced to six and a half years in prison for raping a woman in a public toilet in Waihola in April 2018.

On Tuesday, the ODT published an article by Rob Kidd about the events leading up to the attack. It began by describing Moore as an "average Kiwi bloke" with an "unblemished criminal record".

"But on April 20 everything changed," the article said.

It went on to describe Moore's marital problems as well as his childhood trauma, implying these were factors in his eventual decision to trap a woman in a toilet and repeatedly rape her over the course of half an hour.

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ODT: 'Makes me sick': Rapist took family to scene

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Stuff: Top hockey rep convicted of sex assault on player

A National Hockey League rep and former coach at an elite Auckland school has been sentenced to community detention for indecently assaulting a fellow top-level player.

The victim woke after a night of heavy drinking to find Cameron D'Arcy Gibbons, 23, had pulled his pants down as he slept and was performing a sexual act on him.

The pair were a similar age and had played hockey alongside each other.

Gibbons was also accused, but acquitted, of indecently assaulting another player at a 2016 hockey tournament in Dunedin.

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