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Weekly Media Roundup

January 18, 2019 at 9:05 AM

Stuff: Justice on trial: Juries obsess on whether victim is a virgin and the length of her skirt

Our justice system is itself on trial. Can '12 good men and true' sit in judgment on sex crime cases when, as we reveal, juries are more likely to obsess with whether the victim is a virgin and the length of her skirt on the witness stand. Today, our own citizen jury of 12 New Zealanders – men and women, old and young, Māori and Pākehā, experts and judges, lawyers and victims and members of the public – give their verdict on our justice system. The charge: that it brutalises victims of sexual assaults.

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Stuff: A man's guide to not being part of the #MeToo problem

OPINION: Something happened on the way to work one day. 

I was on a bus on my usual route, typical morning scenes of Auckland's west rolling by, framed by the window.

And it started me thinking about the face I present to the world, and about my place in it.

At a time of #MeToo, of gender equality, of cultural awakening, where do men like me sit? Is there even a place for us on the bus that is taking us to this more enlightened place?

And I thought: this is it, this is what our role is, this is what our place on the bus is - to choose to not be dickheads. To choose non-violence, every time, in every way.

To be kind. To be empathetic. To be compassionate. To be an example: to show that to be a strong, good man does not mean you have to overtly prove anything. That you do not need to assert anything.

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RNZ: Technology shield developed to help women report abuse without a trace in browser history

Women's Refuge says technology is increasingly being used as a way to control women in abusive relationships, so it has found a way for it to it help victims.

On the websites of many New Zealand companies women can now access information about the services offered by Women's Refuge via a web page which will leave no trace in the browser history.

Women's Refuge's chief executive Ang Jury said abusers often exerted control over all of a woman's activities and would check on things like who they had rung, text messages and which websites they had visited.

She said the Shielded system offered a discreet way for women to get advice about the services the Women's Refuge offers.

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Stuff: Mum of four faced deportation over husband's domestic violence conviction

A mum of four, who was beaten by her husband, faced deportation because immigration officials felt their relationship might not last following a series of family violence incidents.

The woman, 26, is from Kiribati but has lived in New Zealand for 18 years, mainly on a partnership visa, an immigration tribunal in Auckland was told.

But that partnership was called into question when she tried to renew it and her husband's conviction for domestic violence, following an assault on her in 2015, came to light.

Three other family violence incidents were reported to police between 2012 and 2017 and her visa application was declined on the basis the relationship was "not stable and likely to endure". 

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Stuff: Family violence advocates bracing for post-holiday spike

Many women in abusive relationships have likely spent the holiday period riding out the storm.

Marlborough Women's Refugee says it's preparing for a spike in family violence reports as the holidays come to an end, an advocate says.

Women's Refuge community and education advocate Carmel Hancock said the refuge was "extremely busy" in the last two months of the year, with reports set to peak again.

Marlborough Women's Refuge helped issue about 20 protection orders in November last year, and another 10 in the first two weeks of December, she said.

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Maori Television: Stretched services call for more funding

Auckland Women’s Refuge are calling for more government funding to ensure they can adequately assist the thousands affected by family violence. 

Advocacy Supporter Megan Grace says Christmas is the busiest time of the year for Women’s Refuges and resources are stretched.

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RNZ: Criminal legislation not always reflective of degree of moral blame - lecturer

A University of Waikato researcher is proposing new "degrees of murder" which she says will make the criminal justice system more fair.

Waikato University senior law lecturer Brenda Midson said the current legislation did not reflect varying degrees of moral blame in New Zealand cases.

She said in cases where young defendants who killed, or victims of violence who killed their abuser or those who killed children showed that not all people who killed others were treated the same.

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Stuff: Ranking murder: call for new NZ legal approach to categorising killings

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NBC News: American Psychological Association links 'masculinity ideology' to homophobia, misogyny

For the first time in its 127-year history, the APA has issued guidelines to help psychologists specifically address the issues of men and boys.

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CNBC: Gillette's toxic masculinity ad earned a mixed response—but research supports the message

"The best a man can get," has been Gillette's tagline for almost 30 years. On Monday, the personal care brand released an ad that questions what that tagline means in 2019.

"Is this the best a man can get?" the narrator asks as the ad cuts to a montage of bullying, violence and sexual harassment, and references the #MeToo Movement and toxic masculinity. "The boys watching today," the narrator continues, "will be the men of tomorrow."

"We wanted to step back and take a fresh look at what it means to be 'the best' and how we continue to portray those ideals in a modern way," Pankaj Bhalla, North America Director at Gillette tells CNBC Make It via email. "Men everywhere are already working to rewrite the rules on what it looks like to be 'the best,' and how a culture can come together to make it happen."

The ad drew both support and criticism, as does the topic of masculinity in 2019. But research supports the idea that "toxic masculinity" is, in fact, detrimental to the mental and physical health of boys and men.

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Noted: The big bust-up: How new plans for divorce deals will affect families

Proposals to change the way income and property are split in divorce cases aim to put children’s interests first. But some fear kids will become pawns in a legal and financial stalemate. Donna Chisholm reports.

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NZ Herald: Grace Millane murder: Accused pleads not guilty, keeps name suppression

The man accused of murdering British backpacker Grace Millane has appeared in court for a second time - and pleaded not guilty.

His name remains suppressed until at least the end of the month.

The now 27-year-old Auckland man is accused of murdering Millane between December 1 and December 2 last year, according the court documents viewed by the Herald.

Justice Simon Moore set a trial date for November 4.

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NZ Herald: Flat Bush homicide: woman allegedly murdered in her home can now be named

The woman murdered in her South Auckland home before Christmas can now be named after court-ordered suppression was lifted.

She was Xi Wang, 34.

The Flat Bush mum-of-one died on December 10 after being violently attacked in her home.

A 33-year-old man appeared in the High Court at Auckland today charged with one count of murder.

He is Ephraim Beazley, her former partner and the father of her child.

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Stuff: Fake-porn videos are being weaponised to harass and humiliate women

The video showed the woman in a pink off-the-shoulder top, sitting on a bed, smiling a convincing smile.

It was her face. But it had been seamlessly grafted, without her knowledge or consent, onto someone else's body: a young pornography actress, just beginning to disrobe for the start of a graphic sex scene. A crowd of unknown users had been passing it around online.

She felt nauseous and mortified: What if her co-workers saw it? Her family, her friends? Would it change how they thought of her? Would they believe it was a fake?

"I feel violated - this icky kind of violation," said the woman, who is in her 40s and spoke on the condition of anonymity because she worried that the video could hurt her marriage or career. "It's this weird feeling, like you want to tear everything off the internet. But you know you can't."

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Stuff: Man pointed rifle at mother's head during drunken tirade

As a man pointed a rifle at his mother's head - so close that its barrel touched her skin - and pulled the trigger, she stood there expecting to die.

This harrowing scene was part of Rawiri David Mathew Makatea's violent rampage on December 2 and while it did not end in bloodshed due to the gun not discharging, the woman feared for her life and received other injuries from the drunken attack.

The police summary of facts detailed how Makatea arrived at his Waitara, north Taranaki home about 10pm after a three-day drinking session.

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Stuff: Man jailed after burning, biting, bashing his ex-partner

A Taranaki man who subjected his partner to a series of degrading and vicious assaults over a prolonged period has been sent to prison.

Connor Hanz Pratt, 23, appeared before Judge Chris Sygrove in the New Plymouth District Court on Tuesday for sentencing on charges of male assaults female, assault with intent to injure, injures with intent to injure, assault with a weapon and threatens to kill or do grievous bodily harm.

The five charges related to numerous brutal attacks on his ex-partner, Sygrove said.

"That was one of the more serious assaults on a woman that I have dealt with."

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