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Weekly Media Roundup

August 24, 2018 at 11:06 AM

Media are crucial in criminal justice thinking. So how did they cover the big summit?

The news media are routinely criticised as part of the problem in perceptions of crime, justice and the prison system. So what angles would reporters pursue at the government’s much heralded criminal justice summit? Asher Emanuel went along to the event in Porirua to find out.



‘It clearly isn’t working’: Andrew Little on his crusade to reform criminal justice

Andrew Little’s drive to rethink the system goes up a gear today in a summit designed to help draw up a programme for reform. Ahead of the two-day event, in Porirua, north of Wellington, the justice minister speaks to Asher Emanuel

“Why are we putting all these domestic violence offenders into this incredibly violent environment? We do have to find a different response to that. It’s not one thing or the other. It’s multiple things. If we want to reduce the tolerance of domestic violence, we will only do that if we actually have effective interventions.

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'We've talked about this for decades and still haven't made changes'

There's hope the government's Criminal Justice Summit will be more than just talk.

The two-day conference kicked off last night, and Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern called on all those present to share their experiences and ideas over the coming days.

Many in attendance will be doing just that and are hoping the government will to act to improve New Zealand's justice record.

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The Outlook for Someday 2018: I Am Waru

"When teachers asked what I wanted to be, I always answered 'A dad'", remembers Josh, a Gisborne father of six. "And I wanted to be different from the male role models I'd had."

Josh Wharehinga's story is at the centre of I Am Waru, a 13 minute documentary about a father who grew up in violence, but now devotes his life to being a great dad and role model to his children. 

It is the first in the Someday Stories, a series of six short films made by emerging film-makers aged from 18 to 29 from Aotearoa New Zealand.

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Real men are empathetic and take ownership of their actions

OPINION: I think New Zealand's version of manliness has changed tenfold in the last 20 to 30 years. 

Many of us no longer consider the gumboot, stubbies and swanni-wearing, fixing-the-fence-in-the-pouring-rain man to be manly. 

Yet there are still many men out there who feel they don't fit because of society's old school views of "manliness".

The Manly As campaign by Canterbury mental health research and campaign group All Right? is challenging men to think about what it means to be a man in New Zealand in 2018. It encourages men to simply be themselves – that, for me, is manly as.

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Homicide investigation launched after child dies in Northland

Police have launched a homicide investigation after a child died at an address in Mangawhai, Northland overnight.

Police were called to the address about 8.15pm on Wednesday after a 2-year-old child died.

"Police are investigating the circumstances surrounding the incident to better understand what has occurred," Detective Senior Sergeant Kim Libby said. 

A 30-year-old male had been arrested and charged with assaults a child.

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Sons' heartbreaking tribute to mother who was victim to domestic violence

Aka and Tane Pakeha-Heke grew up in a home ravaged by domestic violence but turned the horror into the sweetest sound in tribute to their mother.

The 13-year-old twin brothers sang at the Government's criminal justice summit yesterday, remembering the death of mother Talla Pakeha who died after medical help for an asthma attack was delayed over concerns around the safety of entering the family home.

"We are speaking about violence - against it," said Tane to the NZ Herald before singing. "We want to get our message out there."

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Domestic violence bill: Survivor questions its practicality in the workplace

Sarah isn't sure how many days she lay unconscious on her bedroom floor. After her ex-partner violently attacked her she woke up concussed, traumatised and in fear. 

When Sarah, not her real name, managed to get to work the next day, she said the bruise on her face were caused by her felling over. 

Her boss, John, also not his real name, believed none of it. He rallied behind his employee, ensuring her physical and mental well-being. "He saved my life," Sarah said.

Now, she has questioned part of new government legislation, which grants leave to domestic violent victims, fearing it could see many forced into giving up work by abusive partners.

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Sport: Plan to use rugby to help prevent violence against Pacific women

A new initiative plans to use rugby to help prevent violence against women and promote gender equality in the Pacific.

"Get Into Rugby PLUS" is a life-skills programme that will be piloted in Fiji from next month, teaching boys and girls how to run, pass and tackle social challenges head-on.

An estimated two in three Pacific women are impacted by gender-based violence, twice the global average.

The acting representative for UN Women in the Pacific, Nicolas Burniat, said sport, and particularly rugby, is a key lever for change in the Pacific.

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Insight: Foetal Alcohol - Damaging Baby Brains

Conservatively, it's thought 600 children are born in New Zealand every year with some form of brain damage caused by their mother drinking alcohol, often before they even knew they were pregnant. But many experts think the real number of babies affected every year may number in the thousands. For Insight, Philippa Tolley asks what is being done to identify those affected.

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Alcohol packaging needs warning for pregnant women - experts

Experts working with sufferers of foetal alcohol spectrum disorder want explicit warnings on packaging stating the dangers of pregnant drinking.

It is estimated that 600 children are born every year with foetal alcohol spectrum disorder (FASD).

The Growing Up in New Zealand study showed a quarter of the women taking part continued to drink in the first trimester of their pregnancy, while 13 percent continued to drink further into pregnancy.

But neuropsychologist Valerie McGinn - who gave evidence on foetal alcohol damage at the Privy Council hearing that quashed Teina Pora's rape and murder convictions - wants labels to say drinking permanently harms the brain of unborn children.

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'My brain goes insane': The rise and rise of mental illness among Kiwi teens

In a split second, her body would heat up. Her eyesight would start to go, leaving her with tunnel vision. And, if she wasn't careful, she would start to hyperventilate.   

As she sat in the classroom of her Taranaki high school, 17-year-old Nuutea Itchner's anxiety would render her mute and she would be unable to move. It was very isolating, she says.      

Nuutea is one of a growing number of young people in New Zealand who has suffered from some form of mental illness. 

Every age group is increasing but the biggest rise since 2008 is in the 12 to 17 age group. The trouble is no one seems to have a definitive answer as to the root cause of the increase and the reasons offered are many and varied. 

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Teacher sexually harassed by Upper Hutt students speaks out about upskirt incident

A teacher who was sexually harassed by students at an Upper Hutt school has revealed the boys who filmed up her skirt had more nefarious plans.

Former St Patrick's College, Silverstream teacher aide Hester Tingey, 23, has spoken publicly for the first time about the 2017 incident that saw four year 9 boys suspended, and the two female victims both resign.

In an Antworks Studios video for a Netsafe campaign, Tingey described how the students put camera phones in their shoes or jackets on the ground, then got female staff to step over them.

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PhD marks two firsts for Samoan student

Michael Ligaliga is "relieved" to have completed his University of Otago PhD, and has become the first Pacific Island student to complete an Otago doctorate in peace and conflict studies.

His research topic examined aspects of Fa’a Samoa (Samoan culture) and was devoted to "Fa’a Samoa: Peacebuilder or peacebreaker? Understanding Samoa’s domestic violence problem: A peace and conflict perspective".

"Over the past 30 years, Samoa has been a model example of peace and stability throughout the Pacific region," he said.

But domestic violence had also become an "epidemic", and his research examined whether aspects of Samoan culture "contributed to or influenced" this.

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Woman facing charges as part of inquiry into death of Tirau toddler

Police have charged a woman in connection to the death of a Waikato toddler. 

Eighteen-month-old Comfort Joy Witeri-Thompson died in Waikato Hospital on July 24 from head injuries police believe were deliberately inflicted. 

She was flown from her home in Tīrau to Waikato Hospital on the Monday and placed on life support. 

She died the next day. 

A 24-year-old woman is facing charges in relation to offending against Comfort but not in relation to her death, Detective Senior Sergeant Matt Cranshaw said on Friday. 

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Boy describes sexual abuse at hands of coach

A 13-year-old boy told the police he had previously kept quiet about his rugby coach's sexual abuse because he didn't trust anyone.

The 13 year-old's DVD police interview has been played to a closed court room at the High Court in Auckland.

His former coach, Alosio Taimo, is on trial and has denied 83 charges of sexual offending against 18 boys over nearly 30 years.

Mr Taimo also worked as a teacher's aide. The boy said the the 55-year-old had won over the trust of his parents and the parents of his friends but the grown-ups didn't know what was going on.

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White Ribbon role for Algar

Oamaru woman Helen Algar is thrilled to join the ranks as an ambassador for White Ribbon New Zealand.

She was appointed as a national ambassador for the organisation two months ago.

Mrs Algar takes her place alongside Senior Sergeant Jason McCoy, of Oamaru, as the second Waitaki representative.

Mrs Algar is one of only four female ambassadors for White Ribbon New Zealand.

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Revealed: Barclay evidence was destroyed

A crucial piece of evidence in an investigation into missing Dunedin woman Tuitania Barclay was destroyed, a television programme has revealed.

The finale of the Cold Case series, aired on Sunday, focused on the disappearance of Ms Barclay, missing since 2002.

Dunedin police reopened the investigation in 2014, led by Detective Senior Sergeant Malcolm Inglis, saying they suspected foul play.

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Grandfather sentenced to 12 years imprisonment for sexual abuse of grandchildren

A High Court judge has called a 73-year-old grandfather's sexual offending "depraved" and "systematic".

He has been sentenced to 12 years and two months in prison for the rape and sexual abuse of his three young granddaughters.

The girls were aged between six and eight when the offending occurred as they stayed with him frequently between February 2016 and November 2017.

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Sex worker grandma jailed for planning abuse of granddaughter

A middle-aged sex worker has been jailed for setting up her 10-year-old granddaughter to be sexually abused.

The abuse was prevented when police discovered the 75-year-old man who wanted sexual contact with the girl was also grooming a 14-year-old girl, who he said he wanted to photograph wearing lingerie.

The woman, a sex worker, 56, pleaded guilty to dealing with her 10-year-old granddaughter for sexual exploitation and having objectionable images and intimate visual recordings.

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New house to help prevent violence to open in Papakura

A service that provides emergency accommodation and counselling for perpetrators of domestic violence is opening a third house in Auckland next month.

Gandhi Nivas already has two houses - one in Ōtāhūhū and another in Te Atatu.

The centres are based around the idea to take perpetrators out of the family environment instead of taking the victims from their home.

It received a further $1.7 million worth of funding from ACC for its second service, after receiving $1.3 million for its Ōtāhūhū house in 2016.

But Gandhi Nivas founder Ranjna Patel said the organisation had not received funding for its third service just yet.

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Man found guilty of raping woman, assaulting children

A man has been found guilty of three charges of raping a woman, as well as assaulting children.

Judge Peter Rollo delivered the guilty verdicts in the Palmerston North District Court on Friday. The man also threatened and and ill-treated two children.

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Wrongly jailed: Napier man walks free on partner's domestic violence, sex abuse claims

A Napier man has walked free after a two-and-a-half year ordeal in which he was wrongfully sentenced to 11 years in jail for allegations of domestic and sexual abuse made by his partner.

Timothy Hebberley, who was 21 when the sentence was imposed in May 2017 despite his denials and split verdicts at a trial earlier that year, won an appeal when the convictions and sentence were quashed in the Court of Appeal three weeks ago.

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Strong women thrive at art initiative

It opened to little fanfare, a small studio used to create art.

Its location was secret and the women who gathered there shared a common bond; they had all experienced abuse.

A year on and the Women's Art Initiative has flourished, the space used for both creativity and emotional support.

But dwindling funds and lack of space have become a problem and prompted an appeal for help.

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Crisis centre receives boost

Social worker Michelle Ihaka was delighted to receive a $1000 donation which she hopes will help combat the apathy she has been battling for 16 years.

Ihaka runs the Wairarapa rape and sexual abuse collective in Masterton which provides a 24-hour free and confidential victim support service.

The service has been running since the 80s but sometimes struggled to get funding and awareness – a result of being connected to a subject that people tended to avoid talking about.

“We’re constantly trying to change that,” she said.

The centre helped 77 victims of rape and sexual abuse across Wairarapa last year, with the first port of call being Ihaka’s listening ear.

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'One of the most shameful things that he has ever done'

A man who raped a woman in her wheelchair in a dark alleyway will be deported after he is released from jail.

Eliki Taala was caught when police took his DNA two years after the attack, when he was arrested for assaulting his partner.

The Samoan man, who has been a resident since 2009, was jailed for nine years.

He pleaded not guilty to rape and indecent assault of the woman, but was convicted and sentenced in 2015.

The sentencing judge said the victim was extremely vulnerable and the effect of the offending had been enormous.

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Christchurch teacher guilty of 'degrading and demeaning relationship' with student

A Christchurch teacher "persistently groomed" one of his students into a sexually subservient relationship, leaving the girl suicidal and her family devastated, a court has heard.

The 39-year-old called her "pet", had her call him "master", and bought her handcuffs, a ball gag and a leash used in a "degrading and demeaning" six-month-long relationship that ended last year.

He controlled when the girl was allowed to do sexual acts, and she developed eating disorders as she vied for his attention, Judge Tom Gilbert said.

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Ratana Church minister charged with child sex offending

A minister of the Ratana Church has been charged with sexual offending against a child and will go on trial in the next year.

Daniel Brass Raharaha Nehemia, 56, is facing six charges of sexually assaulting at least one boy under the age of 12.

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'There's no remorse': Man jailed for historic sex offences

George William Millar hobbled to the dock yesterday a squat, weak, old man.

But more than 30 years earlier, the 86-year-old had plagued a group of girls and preyed on their vulnerability.

Millar was set to go to trial before the Dunedin District Court but pleaded guilty beforehand, leading to yesterday's sentencing.

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Three-time child porn offender jailed

A three-time child abuse pornography offender has been jailed, again.

Prosecutor David Rusbatch argued that the community needed protection from Darryl Hugh Watson because the victims of his online offending were children. A jail term was appropriate, he said.

In 2009, Watson was jailed for two years three months on 26 charges of making, distributing, and possessing objectionable publications.

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Rapist sentenced to preventive detention for attacks on elderly woman


A Foxton man who robbed and raped an elderly woman the second time he invaded her home will serve at least a decade behind bars.

For the 71-year-old victim it was her "worst nightmare" to see her attacker had returned and was standing at the foot of her bed.

"I told you I would come back," Kally Joseph Taylor had said before he raped her.

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