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Weekly Media Roundup

July 20, 2018 at 12:11 PM

Abusers no right to stand on marae

Māori leader Rangi McLean says any abuser should be removed immediately from the right to speak on the marae.

Speaking on Maori Television’s Native Affairs, the chair of Manurewa Marae said any kind of abuse should not be tolerated and that more and more marae were confronting the issue in the open.

But Māori artist Chanz Mikaere says too many Māori men were still protected by a cone of silence.

“We have a tendency to, in our heads, see the paepae as beyond reproach.  Unfortunately those men who man the paepae aren't always,” she says.

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Young man recalls alleged sexual abuse by Te Awanui Black

A young man has alleged he was sexually abused as a teenager by former iwi leader Te Awanuiārangi Black. 

The man, said to be in his 20s, told the Bay of Plenty Times he was regularly sexually abused by Te Awanui Black during visits to the late iwi leader's house.  

"Talking about it today is extremely hard," the victim, who asked to remain anonymous, told the newspaper. "But I was repeatedly used and lured into doing things with Awa that were horrible, yuck and male me feel sick even talking about it today." 

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Widow of Awanui Black gives four names to police

The widow of a Bay of Plenty Māori leader says she has given the police the names of four people she believes may have been involved in, or have knowledge of, what she's calling a paedophile sex ring of which he was part.

Te Awanuiārangi Black died in 2016, aged 48, and Anihera Black last week released a video in which she accused him of paedophilia.

Ms Black said three victims made direct disclosures to her after Te Awanuiārangi Black died.

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Warriors legend Ruben Wiki speaks on domestic violence in bid to get punters to Warriors game

Ruben Wiki was known as "Jake the Muss" on the field during his record breaking league career.

But Wiki says there is nothing tough about being a domestic abuser.

The hard as nails footy legend - who was dubbed the character played by Temuera Morrison in Once Were Warriors due to his toughness - wants people to come to Mt Smart Stadium to help him in the battle against domestic violence.

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Gender-based violence NZ's shame, women's rights commissioner tells UN

Domestic violence is New Zealand's leading human rights issue - and successive governments have failed generations of women, outgoing women's rights commissioner Jackie Blue has told the UN.

In a missive ahead of her departure from the Human Rights Commission, Blue - a former National MP and herself a survivor of domestic violence - has told a United Nations committee the country's responses to its worst and most shameful problem have been inadequate.

"It shouldn't be a political issue, this should be something all parties agree is our number one human rights issue," Blue said, in an interview with Stuff.

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How 'asking for Angela' could save you from unwanted sexual contact

As your getting ready for a first date, you may have everything sorted - you look great, you're feeling good, you've got your car keys, phone and wallet.

But have you got a plan in place in case you need to bail if you become extremely uncomfortable? That's where Angela could come in handy.

Ask For Angela is an initiative where people can ask for an Angela who does not exist if they start to feel uneasy about their situation.

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Queenstown, Wanaka's hidden underbelly of domestic violence

She has been punched in the face, spat on, choked, rugby tackled into a table, had her clothes ripped off, and held hostage in her home, her young children watching on as their father threw objects around the room.

But after 12 years living in an abusive relationship, Jessie (not her real name) is free. She is also strong.

The 36-year-old mother of three is one of the sky-rocketing number of family harm victims who has sought help from the Wakatipu's abuse prevention network, Jigsaw

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MSD appeals ruling not to hand over court claims about historic abuse

An appeal is planned against a ruling that would usually stop the Ministry of Social Development giving police copies of court documents about deeply personal accounts of abuse in state care.

The ministry said it was acting in line with the Privacy Act when it gave police details of three cases between May 2016 and October 2017. It did not seek the claimants' permission first.

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Police mental health plan victim of funding cuts under new Government

Funding for a ground-breaking mental health scheme to ease strain on emergency services has been axed by the Government. 

An $8 million co-response service would see a mental health worker attend all crisis calls along with police and ambulance staff. Officials believed it could slash the number of mentally ill people being locked up in police cells by as much as 75 per cent.

But Health Minister David Clark has dumped the programme, which was due to begin in September.

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Teachers must step in on mental health

Failing to address children’s mental health and wellbeing needs at school is just as unacceptable as ignoring symptoms of childhood diabetes. Teuila Fuatai reports.

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Gender equality - are we there yet?

Auckland Museum’s new exhibition 'Are We There Yet?' examines gender equality 125 years since women in NZ got the vote. Sasha Borissenko spoke to Helen Clark and Raewyn Dalziel about the meaning of feminism in the year of #metoo.

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Restorative justice in the time of #MeToo

In the wake of Dame Margaret Bazley’s report into sexual misconduct at law firm Russell McVeagh, Professor David Karp’s public lecture at Victoria University of Wellington couldn’t have been timelier, said the University’s Diana Unwin Chair in Restorative Justice, Professor Chris Marshall.

Introducing the lecture, Marshall described Karp as “one of the important voices in the restorative justice field at this time […] a sought-after commentator in the United States on how restorative justice can help redress harms caused by sexual misconduct not only on university campuses but in workplaces as well. And harms that are sometimes, if not often, compounded by the adversarial mechanism we often use to deal with it.”

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Early childhood centres facing impacts of growing drug use, overcrowded homes

A preschooler who pulled a synthetic cannabis bag out of her lunch box is among a rising number of children affected by drug use at home, according to a new government report.

Early childcare services expressed concerns to the Ministry of Education about growing drug use within their communities, and said overcrowded homes were a "relatively new phenomenon" impacting the education of New Zealand's most vulnerable.

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Dunedin man unanimously acquitted of raping 16-year-old girl

A Dunedin truck driver had to be stabilised in the dock by security staff when he was acquitted of sex charges yesterday.

After a day of deliberation, a jury in the Dunedin District Court unanimously found David Alan Hill not guilty of rape.

They also cleared him of indecent assault by majority verdict.

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Man's abuse confession saves him from prison cell

A Taranaki man's indecent assault confession might have landed him in court but it has kept him out of prison.

The man, whom Stuff cannot name in order to protect the identity of the victim, was burdened by guilt about what he had done to the girl - his god-daughter.

First, the 38-year-old sought help through counselling before he fronted up to police and made a full confession about his crime, which was committed two years ago and while the girl was asleep in her own home.

To this day, the young victim remains oblivious to what happened but her parents are aware of the defendant's prosecution.

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New Zealand man sexually abused as a boy in Australian state care denied compensation

The man, who RNZ has agreed only to name as John, turned to drugs after the abuse. Later in life he was jailed for cooking methamphetamine and deported to New Zealand where he was born.

Despite submitting his story of sexual abuse to the Australian Royal Commission into child sex abuse, John has been denied up to $150,000 in compensation because he is not a resident of Australia.

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Organisation backs compo for NZers abused in Aus state care

A support organisation for victims of child sex abuse in state care says the Australian government has a duty of care and should pay compensation to victims, regardless of their citizenship status.

Care Leavers Australasia Network (CLAN) chief executive Leonie Sheedy's comments come after RNZ revealed a New Zealander was abused in state care in Australia but was unable to get up to $150,000 in compensation after being deported.

The man, who RNZ is identifying as John, was put into an Australian state care facility at 11, and was legally made a ward of the state two years later.

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Media personality denies domestic violence charges

A media personality is facing charges in relation to allegations of domestic violence.

The man has been charged with assaulting a woman with intent to injure her.

He has also been charged with assaulting a second person, on one occasion allegedly striking them with a frying pan.

The media personality appeared in North Shore District Court today and pleaded not guilty to all the charges.

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Prominent New Zealand entertainer pleads not guilty to domestic violence charges

A prominent New Zealand entertainer has pleaded not guilty to domestic violence charges and can keep his name a secret.

He first appeared in the North Shore District Court on June 15 where he was granted interim name suppression. This suppression was continued by Judge Jonathan Down in court on Friday. 

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Mother leads protest against lack of funding for kids trauma camps

Glaring up at Oranga Tamariki's office windows, Bronwyn Ngatai yelled her warning: "I'm only going to get harder." 

The single-parent from Porirua lead a protest in Porirua CBD on Thursday against the organisation's decision not to increase funding for Stand Children's Services by an extra $3 million - money needed to keep its health camps running.

Bronwyn Ngatai and a handful of others, including her 12-year-old son who lives with severe ADHD and post-traumatic stress disorder among other illnesses, waved placards urging a re-think.

She's already launched an online petition - it's got 1522 signatures and counting - urging a re-think of the decision which saw Stand close its children's villages in Ōtaki, north of Wellington, and the Central Otago town of Roxburgh. 

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Pop up Globe: Artistic director apologises for using #metoo in all-male Shakespeare promotion

The man behind the Pop-Up Globe has made a "heartfelt apology" to the theatre community for using #metoo to promote an all-male production.

Artistic director Dr Miles Gregory drew controversy on Tuesday for a press release that referenced #metoo, #timesup and Weinstein in the promotion of the Pop-up Globe's new season, Abuse of Power, which is set to include an all-male staging of The Taming of the Shrew.

After a "three hour meeting", Gregory read the statement to a stuff reporter over the phone, then posted the full apology on Twitter.

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Man denies raping woman and assaulting two children as trial nears end

A man denies raping a woman and assaulting two children, saying the allegations are "crazy" and a "complete fabrication".

The Crown alleges he tied a plastic bag over a girl's head to see how long she could hold her breath, held a child's head under water, and punched and kicked them. It also says he inflicted sexual and emotional abuse on a woman.

The man, who is on trial in the Palmerston North District Court, gave evidence on Friday. The names of the complainants and defendant, and how he knew each of them, are suppressed.

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