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Weekly Media Roundup

November 10, 2017 at 11:30 AM

Controversial data-for-funding plan scrapped

The government has confirmed it is dumping National's controversial data-for-funding plan that would have forced groups like Women's Refuge to hand over personal client details.

Minister for Social Development Carmel Sepuloni said she was scrapping the plan because it was dangerous and unnecessary.

Under the policy, which was meant to be in place from July, the National government made it a contractual requirement for providers to hand over the personal details - such as the names, birth dates and ethnicities of their clients.


A crossroads for child welfare in Aotearoa

We need new visions and new understandings if we are to enter a more progressive era for child and family wellbeing in Aotearoa New Zealand, writes the University of Auckland's Dr Ian Hyslop


Waitematā Police move headquarters to West Auckland

West Auckland has been identified as the biggest risk area for crime in the Waitematā Police District.

District commander Tusha Penny said a large proportion of police demand came from the Waitākere region.

The latest crime data revealed there had been a 22 per cent rise in aggravated robberies in West Auckland for the year ending August. 


More cops won't make our communities safer

OPINION:  New initiatives promising more uniformed police on the beat always sound good and hoover up votes.

People have an exaggerated fear of crime and often forget they are far more likely to be a victim of someone they know than a criminal stranger.

That's small comfort to those unfortunates attacked by home invaders or those assaulted on the street or smashed into by a drunk or drugged-up driver but our communities are safer than we think.


Male sexual abuse survivors conference to 'take lid off can of worms and throw it away'

Warning: This article is about sexual abuse and suicide and may be distressing for some readers.

When Ken Clearwater was admitted to a psychiatric emergency ward after threatening to kill a man over a game of pool, he knew he needed help to deal with a secret he'd been carrying for decades.

He had been raped as a child.

Clearwater, 38 years old at the time of the outburst, had spiralled into a deep depression fuelled by drugs, alcohol, gangs and a whole lot of violence.


'I didn't know this could happen to a boy' - Former FBI agent to attend Christchurch male sexual abuse conference

A retired FBI agent has dedicated his career fighting for children who have been sexually abused, and sadly he knows all too well what they're going through.


Government's commitment for independent inquiry into sexual abuse in state care reaffirmed


Labour should keep National’s social investment approach – with one crucial change

Abolition would be a step too far. Jacinda Ardern should retain the Social Investment Agency, but reshape it so it is truly about people’s lives, argues Simon Chapple.


#metoo, since I can remember: on rape culture and the sexualisation of little girls

The #metoo campaign to publicise the extent of sexual assault and harassment has taken social media by storm. But it’s not anything new, writes Lucy Kelly. For most girls, sharing stories of sexual abuse is part of growing up. So what are the stories that boys tell themselves?


Mother and stepfather on trial for assaulting, neglecting child

A girl says she was subjected to years of assaults and emotional abuse from her stepfather, which her mother witnessed and let pass by.

In a video interview played in court in Palmerston North, the child said she had been beaten with a towel rail, barbecue spatula and rolling pin, and hit on the toes with a meat tenderiser.

Her stepfather  would also berate her verbally, often for hours, calling her a retard and a "waste of space" when jobs were not done right.


Young men treated woman as 'less than human' during gang rape

A woman will spend the rest of her life battling demons inflicted upon her by four young men, who all took part in raping her for hours.

Judge Lance Rowe said she was degraded, violated and treated as "less than human" and a "sexual plaything" by Lou William Harrison, Meha Hemi Taylor-Haeata, Renee Chaz Haeata and Anthony Simon Hirawani during the ordeal.


Teacher censured for carrying struggling child

A teacher who carried a struggling child to a school principal's office has been found guilty of misconduct despite being in a difficult position, the Teachers Disciplinary Tribunal says.

The tribunal's decision said the teacher intervened after four distressed boys complained the child had dragged them through mud and grass and thrown stones.


When parents become killers

WARNING: Distressing detail

Inside the modest fibro house on an ordinary suburban street in Oberon, west of Sydney, pain, misery and unspeakable horrors were raining down on a little boy.

Joseph, 3, was in the very place he should have been safe, with his mother.

But in the winter of 2014, little Joseph was being subjected to torture and cruelty because he reminded his then-39-year-old mother of the man who had fathered him.


Parental leave increase 'right thing to do' - PM

Paid parental leave will be extended to 22 weeks from next July, rising to 26 weeks by 2020, the government has confirmed.

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern said legislation to change the duration of parental leave would be introduced to Parliament later this week.

The current paid leave provision is 18 weeks, but Labour had pledged to increase it as part of its plan for its first 100 days in government, at a cost of $325m over the next four years.


Education seen as key to countering PNG domestic violence

Education has been described as the key to a long term solution for Papua New Guinea's problem of domestic violence

Debate over domestic violence has recently surged in PNG, following the death of a well known female journalist last month.


Michael John Kight sentenced to 1 year, 11 months' jail for inciting sexual abuse on minor

A Hastings man has been sentenced to one year and 11 months' jail for a raft of offences including talking about abducting underage boys to sexually abuse them.

Michael John Kight appeared in Wellington District Court on Monday, having previously pleaded guilty to eight charges.

A summary of the police case said that, in December 2016, Kight began a conversation with a 21-year-old male on dating app Grindr talking about sexually abusing boys aged seven to nine, and suggested the other man join him.

Kight graphically described what they might do to the victims, and spoke about driving around to find boys to abduct.


Punched, dragged and threatened with shotgun in 'shocking' case of domestic abuse

A woman was knocked unconscious, dragged by her hair and had a shotgun pointed at her during an incident of "shocking" domestic abuse. 

In April, Taranaki man Tenapi Crean was taken into custody by police after he tracked down his ex-partner and seriously assaulted her.


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