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Weekly Media Roundup

July 10, 2014 at 10:44 AM

NZFVC Release Data Summaries:

NZFVC data summaries released this week show a drop in recorded offences at family violence incidents, despite the fact that the number of Police family violence investigations has continued to increase. Applications for Protection Orders have also dropped. Below is a snapshot of media articles related to the summaries: 

More violence, less arrests has experts worried

Govt rejects claims of interference in crime stats

Funding blamed for fewer prosecutions

Family violence increasing

You can read more on the NZ Family Violence Clearinghouse website


David Cunliffe apologises for being a man:

At last week's symposium on Women and Children in 2014, organised by Women's Refuge, David Cunliffe opened his speech with an apology... for being a man. Somewhat unsurprisingly in an election year, such a statement has garnered significant media attention.  

David Cunliffe: I'm sorry for being a man

Editorial: We need to show its just not manly to hit out

Cunliffe apologises for being a man

Women's Refuge hails Culiffe's apology "gutsy"


Waitakere Ethnic Board Forum:

TVNZ Coverage of last weeks forum on how to prevent violence in West Auckland


In other news...

Christchurch agency is change maker on family violence...

Singer songwriters needed to deliver a violence-free message

Suffragette's work still echoes

Doctorate tackles hush hush subject

Brian Fallow: Housing costs show poverty gap

Incest, paedophilia 'like being gay', judge says





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