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Weekly Media Roundup

August 24, 2017 at 5:11 PM

She's having a baby: teen mums talk

Film-maker Juliette Veber spent four years tracking teen mums. Kim Knight talks to her about the Kiwi mothers who have grown up with their children.


Life as a teen mum: 'Incredibly tough' but with 'positive' outcomes

Teen mums are a constant source of moral outrage, but rarely do we hear about the intricacies of their lives or how they cope. Kirsty Johnston reports.


Half of all teen mums in New Zealand come from poorest areas, Ministry of Health finds

Half of all teen mums in New Zealand come from our most deprived neighbourhoods, raising questions about access to health care and information.

The Ministry of Health's latest report on maternity says despite teen pregnancy rates halving since their peak in 2008, numbers remain consistently higher for women in poor areas.


A simple shift could help solve NZ's complex housing problem, PSA suggests

The answer to New Zealand's housing problem could be as simple as viewing housing as a human right, the PSA says. 

National secretary for the New Zealand Public Services Association (PSA) Glenn Barclay said the country's housing problem is "big and complex" - but not impossible to solve.


Slices of heaven: Is NZ inequality going up, or is it just our worry about it?

Nearly 40,000 voters responded to the Stuff/Massey University election survey in May. A huge majority of them said inequality was too high and/or growing fast. No measure actually shows that - so why do so many of us feel that way? Henry Cooke reports.


Breakthrough programme to build better dads

A programme to support fathers with a history of violence build healthy family relationships aims to help 760 men. The Breakthrough programme, run by The Salvation Army and The Parenting Place, wants to build strong families to live violence free.

Mending broken ties to build stronger families is the core focus of the Breakthrough programme.


Narelle Henson: Suicide too big an issue to be sidelined

OPINION: An important issue has lurked on the edges of the limelight for most of this election, sadly shunted out of reach of the main beams by leadership changes or falls from grace.

For weeks now politicians of most persuasions have made policy announcements or passing comments about it, but it still hasn't had all the attention it deserves.

I'm talking about the topic of mental health in New Zealand. Specifically, our suicide statistics, which set us apart in the developed world for all the wrong reasons.


Rape accused threatened to have cellmate 'disappeared'

A prisoner has told a court that his cellmate put a towel over the window of their cell door and repeatedly raped him.

William Katipa, 50, denies 14 charges including sexual violation and threatening to kill and is on trial in the High Court in Auckland.


Arsonist tried to burn ex while she held their three-month old baby

A man who poured petrol on his former-partner and set her alight - while she was holding their three-month old baby - has been sentenced to five-and-a-half years in prison.

Shiva Lachman Anand, 33, was sentenced at Rotorua District Court on Friday in a case Judge Philip Cooper described as "an extreme example of domestic violence".

The arson attack, and a preceding assault, were also witnessed by the victims nine-year-old daughter.


Carer's relationship with patient deemed 'sexually exploitative'

A mental health support worker breached a vulnerable patient's rights when he had a sexually exploitative relationship with her, the Health and Disability Commissioner says.

The woman was staying in a flat run by a mental health support service to help people recover from mental illness and the man was one of her carers.


Are we over-punishing our kids?

Most people use a pretty basic formula for disciplining kids: good behaviour = reward, bad behaviour = consequences (like time out or punishment).

But psychologist Ross Greene believes giving kids negative consequences only leads to more bad behaviour.

Instead, adults need to work with kids to figure out why they misbehave and working on a solution together.



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