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   Weekly Media Roundup
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   Weekly Media Roundup
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Weekly Media Roundup

June 01, 2017 at 3:44 PM

NZ students facing unwanted sexual behaviour

One in five high school girls have experienced unwanted sexual behaviour in the past year, a new report has found.

The Family Violence Clearinghouse report (PDF, 359KB) found that violence in youth relationships was a big issue, and received far less attention than violence in adult relationships.

Youth & Cultural Development general manager Annie Watkin works with young people who have suffered abuse at the hands of a partner or parent.

She said the findings accurately reflected what she saw in her office every day.


Violence, abuse prevalent in teenage relationships across New Zealand

One in five girls and nearly one in 10 boys have experienced unwanted sexual contact, prompting calls for communities to take action to help stop violence in teen relationships.

Research from the New Zealand Family Violence Clearinghouse has found 20 per cent of female and 9 per cent of male secondary school students have experienced sexual abuse, with most cases involving a boyfriend, girlfriend or friend.

Experts have warned the prevalence of sexual violence is widespread, and say adults need to better model and educate young people about healthy relationships.


Teens lost at where to turn when in abusive relationship - counsellor

A school counsellor says there's not enough of them to help teenagers in abusive relationships.

Research from the New Zealand Family Violence Clearinghouse shows one in five people seeking shelter in women's refuges are aged between 15 and 19.

New Zealand Association of Counsellors spokesperson Sarah Maindonald told Rachel Smalley kids don't know who to turn to when they're in an abusive relationship.


Rape victim has benefit docked by WINZ

A young rape victim who became pregnant to her attacker had her benefit docked by Work and Income New Zealand (WINZ) - because she refused to name the father of her child.

But after a lengthy battle, the government agency has finally admitted it got it wrong.


Grandparents are unrecognised victims of the P crisis – we need to support them

To say we have a P epidemic seriously understates our methamphetamine situation. It’s the ultimate time bomb, with an ability to reach backwards as well as forwards in ruining the lives of three generations at once.

That’s because those addicted to this pernicious drug very often have children, who very often fall into the care of their grandparents – ready or not.


Maori Party calls for Royal Commission of Inquiry into children in state care

The Maori Party has reignited its calls for an inquiry into the abuse of children who were in state care in the 1950s to 90s, saying a Royal Commission of Inquiry was needed to be independent from the Government.

Co-leader Marama Fox asked for Government support for a Royal Commission of Inquiry into what she called New Zealand's "stolen generation" in Parliament today - but was rebuffed by Social Development Minister Anne Tolley.


Doug Laing: Family violence a National summit

A national summit on family violence to be hosted Social Development Minister Anne Tolley and Justice Minister Amy Adams in Wellington is shaping up to be everything it was cynically forecast to be some months ago.

If this is one of the biggest issues facing New Zealand society, as we are so often told to believe, then an event which focuses only on what to do once the abuse and bashings have happened just doesn't cut the mustard.


Amy Adams: Govt doing all it can to tackle family violence

I write in response to Doug Laing's editorial on May 30, where he suggested that the Family Violence Summit in June is an event that focuses only on what to do once the violence has happened.

He also makes a cynical suggestion about the summit being three months out from the election and ends by saying: "Serious subject, but who's taking it seriously?"

I can tell Mr Laing now that the Government is taking family violence very seriously.


Tokoroa Mum's rant on McDonald's gender specific Happy Meals sparks debate

McDonald's is looking at the way it offers 'girls toys' and 'boys toys' with Happy Meals.

A Tokoroa mum, Imogene Louise, has sparked a furore on social media, after complaining about being asked whether the kids combo she was ordering was for a boy or a girl.


Accommodation supplement boost for west Auckland

West Aucklanders are set to reap the benefits from a change in the accommodation supplement.

The Government's accommodation supplement is a weekly payment which helped people pay rent, board or the cost of owning their own home.

Finance Minister Steven Joyce announced an adjustment to the rate on May 25 as part of the Government's budget, the first change in the benefit since 2008.


New Zealand schoolgirls skip class because they can't afford sanitary items

Schoolgirls in New Zealand are skipping class because they cannot afford sanitary pads and are being forced to use phonebooks, newspapers and rags to make-do during menstruation.

In the last three months local charity KidsCan distributed 4,000 sanitary items to more than 500 low-income schools nationwide after they were given a NZ$25,000 (USD$18,000) government grant to begin to address the issue.


Dairy owner killer released on parole

A teenager who stabbed a West Auckland dairy owner to death has been released from a youth justice facility.

The boy, who is now 16, was serving a sentence of four years and six months after he was found guilty of manslaughter over the 2014 death of 57-year-old Arun Kumar.

The teenager has been free since January, but the Parole Board only released its decision today after seeking legal advice.


Teachers' union proposes gender-neutral school uniforms, toilets and changing rooms

Schools are being urged to offer "gender-neutral" uniform, toilet and changing room options under new guidelines from the secondary teachers' union.

The union, the Post Primary Teachers' Association (PPTA), says both boys and girls should be able to "choose from a range of shorts, trousers, skirts of different lengths and styles, with both tailored and non-tailored interchangeable shirts".


Elder abuse examples prevalent on Auckland's North Shore

An 86-year-old woman whose son got violent when he drank, a father who was kicked out of his own house by his adult son, and a woman in a rest home whose false teeth had not been removed for six years, are all real cases of elder abuse in Auckland's North Shore.

Nationally, Age Concern received 2000 referrals of elder abuse each year, including financial, psychological and physical abuse.

Age Concern North Shore hoped to raise awareness about elder abuse and encourage people to speak up about it.


Home no longer safe haven for thousands of older Kiwis

This year's theme for Elder Abuse Awareness week, June 15- 22 is  Elder Abuse Hits Close to Home.

Sadly, that sentence couldn't ring more true. Elder Abuse is a serious problem in New Zealand. Every year, thousands of older New Zealanders fall victim to financial, sexual, psychological and physical abuse perpetrated by their own adult children or someone whom they are dependent on.

In fact, it is estimated that up to 32,000 older people may be experiencing some form of abuse.


Schools will have to pay to keep children safe from predators

Schools may be forced to sell sausages to keep pupils safe from predators.

Police will now charge schools to weed out the criminals and the paedophiles from the legitimate staff. 

They will charge $10 for about half the vetting requests they receive from July 1. A service that used to be free for all schools will now be limited.


Jaden Stroobant sentencing: Victim's family, police thank community

The family of murdered Te Atatu woman Cunxiu Tian have thanked the community for supporting them and say they could not have made it through the ordeal otherwise.

And police have paid tribute to the dead woman and their staff who investigated her death and were deeply affected by the case.


Napier man jailed for 'sadistic' sexual offending against former girlfriend

WARNING, GRAPHIC CONTENT: A man guilty of "sadistic" offending that involved dislocating his girlfriend's limbs has been sent to jail for 11 years.

Timothy Hebberley, 21, was sentenced in the High Court at Napier on Monday.


Cricketer strangled and bit 35-week pregnant partner

A Northern Districts and Auckland representative cricketer strangled and bit his pregnant partner during a drunken early morning domestic assault.

Cody William Andrews, 29, was sentenced to nine months of supervision and 80 hours of community work when he appeared in the Hamilton District Court on Monday on a single charge of assault with intent to injure.


How to recognise if your child has psychopathic or sociopathic traits

According to Irvine, most children who have psychopathic traits have experienced some sort of abuse, likely in the first six months of their life.

"In terms of how a brain develops, if they've been abused, the emotional system starts to shut down as the rest of the brain is developing. The brain ends up being incredibly impacted because of experiences with abuse, neglect or lack of empathy."

Irvine said if a child had grown up in a nurturing environment but then began suffering from abuse after they turned 5, it would be much harder for that child to develop sociopathic or psychopathic traits because the brain had already developed a sense of empathy.


Teen faces preventative detention for sex abuse of child during hide-and-seek

A teenager who filmed himself sexually abusing a 4-year-old while playing hide-and-seek may spend the rest of his life under supervision.

The 19-year-old, who cannot be named to protect the identity of the child, will attend a High Court hearing to decide if he should be sentenced to preventative detention.

Offenders sentenced to preventative detention go to jail for an indefinite period, but can be paroled and managed by Corrections for the rest of their lives.


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