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Weekly Media Roundup

April 20, 2017 at 5:13 PM

Govt settles historic pay equity case

Tens of thousands of care and support workers - who are mostly women - will receive pay rises as part of today's $2 billion settlement, the government says.

In 2013, Kristine Bartlett - a professional caregiver - successfully argued in the Employment Court her low hourly pay rate was a result of gender discrimination under the Equal Pay Act.

The government confirmed this afternoon it had settled the case for about 55,000 state-subsidised care workers.


Carer pay equity deal could benefit other workers

Tens of thousands of workers could benefit from a government decision to bring pay equity to staff at rest homes.

They include early childhood teachers, teacher aides, and possibly female employees across the entire public sector.


Big pay rise for women: Deal likely to alarm private sector

About 55,000 low-paid workers, mainly women, are about to get one of the biggest pay rises ever after details of a historic pay equity settlement are revealed today.

The deal will cost the Government more than $500 million a year when fully implemented in five years, assuming it is signed off by union members and the Cabinet.


Judge dismisses Family Court criticisms

The principal Family Court judge has fired back at criticisms from a new independent group that is pushing for changes to the way courts deal with violence against women.

Judge Laurence Ryan said the allegations from the Backbone Collective that the courts were failing to protect women were unfair and based on flawed assumptions.


State abuse survivor surprised at govt's stance on inquiry

A Māori state abuse survivor says the government's refusal to hold an inquiry into historical abuse of children in state care is yet another let-down for the victims still dealing with their childhood trauma.

Eugene Ryder was only 11 years old when he went into state care, where he was beaten and abused.

Today, he attended a panel discussion held at Victoria University in Wellington, where calls for an independent inquiry were renewed.


Domestic violence in teen relationships not being reported: police

Police say violence in teen relationships is happening - it's just not being reported.

Detective Sergeant Dave Beattie, who is a family violence prevention coordinator, said he had not dealt with any cases of domestic violence involving couples aged under 17 years.

However, he suspected it was happening, but people were not speaking up about it.


Hours after Delia Williams' killer was jailed, her family received his parole papers

A few hours after watching the man who had abused and subsequently killed her daughter be sent to jail, his parole papers arrive in 87-year-old Shirley Williams' letterbox.

The papers were dated and couriered on the very same day her daughter's killer had been sentenced. It's cruel. The shock is immense. The rug of justice has been yanked from beneath her at lightning speed.


Potential school funding method would label children, principal says

A Marlborough principal has hit out at expected changes to the education funding system, saying the changes could cause struggling students and their families to be labelled and "crushed". 

Speculation on whether the school funding system will be changed this year after a government review has been rife, with a new predictive risk tool touted as the replacement to the decile system. 

The risk tool takes into account abuse of the child or their siblings, whether a parent has been to prison, whether the family has a history of welfare dependency, and whether the child's mother has any qualifications to better target spending. 


'Disturbing' video emerges at West Auckland playground

A disturbing video has surfaced showing men frothing and slumped seemingly comatose at an Auckland playground after allegedly smoking illicit drugs.

The footage, posted to Facebook yesterday, purports to show three men suspected to be high on synthetic cannabis, known as the ''zombie drug'', in daylight at Rata Village, a West Auckland housing enclave in New Lynn.


School rugby coach facing child sex allegations

A school rugby coach is facing 81 charges of sexual abuse against young boys.

If convicted, he will be one of New Zealand's worst school sex offenders, due to the high number of charges.


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