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WAVES Trust Network responds to Roast Busters issues

November 14, 2013 at 11:48 AM

WAVES Trust Network responds to Roast Busters issues

A hui organised by WAVES Trust for its network members and other interested parties was held at Man Alive this week to discuss a range of questions, challenges and actions that we can take in response to the Roast Busters issue.

We have identified a broad range of areas that WAVES as network will be coordinating so that we as a community can take action on the Roast Busters issue. What we have done is categorised the following areas which you are very welcome to be part of:

  1. Legal System:  What pressure can we apply to change this system? How can we support users of the current system? TOAH NEST are currently working on this – how can we support them?
  2. Alcohol and Drugs: Changing the Alcohol culture in this country, especially for our Youth
  3. Police: Working alongside Police in addressing police culture, better engagement with the community etc…
  4. Media: Press Release to go out this week to Herald and local papers. Speaking to media.
  5. Social Media/Attitudes: How do we address these issues and the influence they are having on our youth.
  6. Sexual Health/Sexual Violence: Better education needed – how do we address this when schools are nervous about having this type of education in their schools. Getting this education to a broader audience etc…Changing Attitudes
  7. Schools:  Working with and building relationships with schools
  8. Programmes/Resource development: What programmes are needed in schools and the community i.e. self esteem programmes for girls and adolescents, what does a loving healthy relationship look like etc... Developing appropriate resources for students/youth/children.

WAVES Trust is also putting out a Press Release to reflect the community response as a result of the hui.

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