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Tikanga Ririki: Strengths-based Māori parenting programme - Accredited facilitator course

May 11, 2017 at 5:06 PM

*From the New Zealand Family Violence Clearinghouse*

When: 15 - 16 May 2017.

Where: The Nathan Homestead, 70 Hill Road, Manurewa, Auckland.

Organised by Mana Ririki Violence-free whānau.

Cost: $2,300 (inc. gst). Register now

"Tikanga Ririki is a parenting model founded on kaupapa Māori that utilises our cultural and social strengths as a people. The model provides a framework for violence-free parenting for Māori whānau. It incorporates goals, beliefs and techniques for parenting.

The Tikanga Ririki Strengths-Based Māori Parenting Programme is based on evidence found in Mana Ririki’s research into traditional Māori parenting."

About the Accredited Facilitator Course

"The Tikanga Ririki Accredited Facilitator Course is for those who want to become an accredited Tikanga Ririki Kaiwhakamana Ririki (Community Facilitator) with expertise in Māori parenting models and practices.

As an Accredited Facilitator you will have the skills to deliver the Tikanga Ririki Strengths-Based Māori Parenting Programme a quality parenting programme to parents.  the confidence of the community and your peers. The course will also assist with your Professional Development. Your practical application of the content personally will ensure your students will love this work."

"Tikanga Ririki Accredited Facilitator Course is delivered through a six-month cluster training with a mix of three workshops, two practice deliveries working with whānau, nine assessments, group and Course evaluations, as well as Post-Training  with e-based support."

Te Orokohanga - 2 day training is the first step on the journey.

Find out more about the course, the trainers and the registration process

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