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WeCAN November meeting: Talking Matters and Talking Trouble

November 10, 2017 at 11:27 AM

Shining a light on the power of Talk for babies & bigger kids

At our WeCAN (Waitakere Children's Action Network) meeting on Wednesday 8th November 2017 we hosted presentations from Alison Sutton at Talking Matters and Sally Kedge at Talking Trouble. Talking Matters is an initiative which promotes the power of talk in early childhood development, bringing together education, health and social services to encourage whānau to talk with their infants and toddlers. Talking Trouble is an organisation which works to support the speech, language and communication needs experienced by children and youth who are involved with care and protection, youth justice, mental health and behaviour services.

This was a fantastic session and I would encourage anyone working with babies, children, youth and parents to consult the notes from this meeting and to follow the wonderful work being done by both Talking Matters and Talking Trouble.

Talking Trouble are also hosting a series of workshops including one in West Auckland - download the flyer here. If the cost of the workshop is a barrier for you please contact Sally directly at to arrange a reduced cost or free participation in the workshop.

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