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Supporting the developmental needs of children with neurodiversity – Webinar

December 09, 2022 at 4:08 PM

From the New Zealand Family Violence Clearinghouse -


Wednesday 14 December 2022


3-4pm NZDT (1-2pm AEDT)


Online (Australia based)


Australian Institute of Family Studies



The webinar will enable practitioners in a range of settings to recognise the effect of neurodiversity on children’s learning and social development and to understand the principles for support.

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This is a re-broadcast of a webinar presented in February 2022. This broadcast will not include a live Q&A; however, the extended Q&A from February will be shown. You can watch the recorded webinar now. 

Neurodiversity is a term used to acknowledge the diversity in brain functioning associated with a range of developmental conditions and experiences. 

This webinar will explore what the evidence says about how neurodiversity can affect children. It will outline how practitioners can adapt their work to support children with neurodiversity. Specifically, it will also:

  • Outline the three key areas of development affected by neurodiversity, and common signs of neurodiversity in different settings.
  • Take a deep dive into a key developmental area – self-regulation.
  • Provide practical strategies for supporting children with self-regulation difficulties, using specific clinical examples of working with children on the autism spectrum.

This webinar will be of interest to professionals working in child support, child protection and mental health services with children and families, especially counsellors and mental health practitioners. 

This webinar will be facilitated by Jasmine B. MacDonald and builds on the CFCA paper: Supporting children with neurodiversity.

The webinar will feature 3 presenters including:

  • Dr Sara McLean is a registered psychologist and the Knowledge Translation Advisor for Emerging Minds. 
  • Dr Clare Holmes holds a PhD in clinical psychology from Flinders University and is a registered clinical psychologist. 
  • Dr Jasmine B. MacDonald (PhD) is a Senior Research Officer at the Australian Institute of Family Studies, where she works in the areas of evidence synthesis, knowledge translation and evaluation. 

To find out more about the Australian Institute of Family Studies and their webinars, please visit the AIFS webinars page, or contact


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