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'Striking a Better Balance' for NZ children

February 12, 2014 at 1:58 PM

Tha Salvation Army State of the Nation report is convinced that even with creditable progress on social well being in New Zealand government is still not persuaded that family violence and child poverty are high priority issues.


'Child abuse or neglect in New Zealand rose 3.7% to 22,984 last year. There were also 5,212 offences against children for violence, mistreatment or neglect, an increase of 1.3%.'

"Child violence has definitely been a concern. We've found with the children referred to us for issues of violence and abuse , there is almost invariably a background culture in their family of bullying, or violence and abuse between parents, or from parents to siblings."

You can downlaod the full report 'Striking a Better Balance' here and related news articles here

Category: White Paper for vulnerable children