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Safety Issues with Restorative Justice and IPV

December 10, 2012 at 1:30 PM

Anne Hayden, 'Safety Issues associated with using restorative justice for intimate partner violence', Women's Studies Journal, 26, 2, December 2012, 4-16. 

Available free online here


Intimate partner violence (IPV) is renowned for its potential to harm and its under-reporting. A study in New Zealand explored non-reporting of IPV, and the extent to which using restorative justice (RJ) could increase reporting of this type of crime. Although the use of RJ for IPV is heavily debated, 79% of participants in my (2010) research considered that increased availability of RJ would increase reporting of IPV. It demonstrated the importance placed upon their relationship by victims and perpetrators, the complexity of power in IPV, and a range of ways IPV is reported. Like most literature on the subject, safety was identified as a priority. In this article I examine the implications of gender and RJ, safety in terms of ways RJ would increase, decrease safety for victims, and ways the process could be made safer in IPV situations.

Key words: intimate partner violence, gender, safety, restorative justice, victim, perpetrator

Category: Library