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Safekids - Free Home Safety Workshop

June 01, 2018 at 12:34 PM

From the Community Waitakere Noticeboard

Free Workshop

8 August 2018

Henderson, West Auckland

Kowhai Room, Netball Waitakere, Te Pai Centre, 31-35 Te Pai Place, Henderson

Most preventable child injuries happen in a home environment. Come to our workshop to find out more about this issue and how together we can promote the prevention of these injuries to families/whānau.

Who can attend?                                                                                                                                                   

If you work with tamariki and wh?nau and want to promote the message of child safety, you are invited to register for this workshop.


• National and Regional Injury Prevention Data

• Child Development and Injury Risks

• Traumatic Brain Injury

• Injury Prevention

          • Falls

          • Poisoning

          • Burns

          • Suffocation

          • Drowning

          • Cutting, Piercing and Others

• Action Plan

• Guest Speakers: St John, Fire & Emergency and Housing New Zealand



9am to 3.30pm

Light morning tea and lunch will be served.


For More Information


PHONE  +64 9 630 9788

Online Registration

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