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Risk Analysis & Safety Strategising. A Whole of Person Approach

December 02, 2022 at 4:02 PM

From the New Zealand Family Violence Clearinghouse –


Monday 12 December 2022






ECLIPSE: Family Violence Services Ltd


$65 + gst

Recognising indicators of harm and protective factors through Risk Analysis - informing targeted safety strategies

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Facilitator: Debbs Murray

This training has been developed to encourage people who work with whānau experiencing family violence to also consider beyond the immediate risk indicators and also assess the continuum of harm, and recognise cumulative impact and acts of resistance. Effective risk analysis and safety strategising is recognising the need to assess all risks and safety indicators that surround the Whole of Person we are working with as they are more than 'just' victims of violence and risk of harm can exist in other aspects of our primary victims lives such as gang association, retaliatory violence etc.

We always need to be looking thorough our family violence lethality lens when analysing risk, and how our primary victims resist violence can increase or decrease the risk of harm, it is a complexity we need to understand more concisely to ensure safety strategies are developed that are targeted, relevant and effective.

This training will be delivered by either Debbs Murray or Keino Smullen. Facilitator Debbs brings 20+ years experience working across the family violence sector, and Keino has 17+ years of working in Child Protection and both have extensive experience in navigating complex and high risk family violence. They are both survivors of family violence, and recognise and present the interconnected perspective of survivor and practitioner in a professional, healthy and informative manner.

ECLIPSE: Family Violence Services Ltd is a specialist family violence training provider that offers specialist and varied content training workshops across Aotearoa, New Zealand. ECLIPSE has the core objective of increasing whānau safety and wellbeing, and a targeted focus to increase workforce capability across the family harm sector.

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