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Report and recommendations from Māori-led Inquiry into Oranga Tamariki

February 21, 2020 at 1:13 PM

From the NZFVC

The final report and recommendations from the Māori-led inquiry into Oranga Tamariki have been published.

At the Iwi Chairs Forum at Waitangi on 4 February 2020, Iwi Chairs voted unanimously to support all 'action point' recommendations from the report, Ko Te Wā Whakawhiti: It's Time for Change - A Māori Inquiry into Oranga Tamariki (2020).

This inquiry set out to address the need for a review by Māori for Māori. In particular, the inquiry took "[a]n approach where Māori stories and worldviews are brought to the fore against the background of an increasing lack of understanding by government around Māori tamariki needs." (Executive Summary, page 2) The primary focus was ensuring the voices of whānau with lived experience of Oranga Tamariki were at the centre of the inquiry. 

More than 1000 whānau participated in the inquiry. The main themes that emerged from the whānau feedback were related to:

  • Whakapapa Trauma
  • Discrimination, Prejudice and the ‘Report of Concern’
  • Uplifts, Section 78, and placement practices
  • Whānau Access, Communication and trying to ‘navigate the system’
  • Oranga Tamariki Workforce: Competency, Capacity and Behaviour.

The 200-page report outlines a number of recommendations under three main action points:

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