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Rally for Consent Law Reform

September 23, 2022 at 3:43 PM

Notice from Dear Em - 

We are calling on Parliament to reform our current consent laws, to legislate a clear and positive definition of consent. Join us in our call for change as we present the Consent Law Reform petition to Parliament. 

Currently the lack of affirmative consent laws in Aotearoa are failing both survivors and communities. The law should reflect the community and sexual violence sector’s understanding of consent and provide us with a clear positive definition that can guide communities to better support survivors and work to prevent sexual violence from occurring, while empowering young people about consent. We are calling on Parliament to reform our current consent laws and provide a clear positive definition of consent within our legislation. 

Dear Em supported by Wellington Rape Crisis, HELP Wellington, RespectEd and Wellington Alliance Against Sexual Violence, will present the petition to the Minister for the Prevention of Family and Sexual Violence, Marama Davidson on Tuesday 27 September, 1pm, at Parliament Steps, Wellington. 

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