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Please Help with FVIARS

January 23, 2014 at 10:11 AM

Heather Beddie is requesting any help on how FVIARS looks works to help her in the role as Family Violence Response Coordinator Tauranga, with Family Works Northern.

If you can offer her any thoughts or suggestions with the process of TICM meetings (Police FVIARS) including

-        Copy of any MOU you have developed or do your local police hold responsibility for this as it is their information that’s being shared

-        Copy or thoughts on your local process that you believe is working well

-        Who collates the information

-        Who keeps track of the FVIARS as in data bases etc.,

-        Is the information collected and collated

-        How is it shared

-        What safety process’s are in place for holding confidential information

-        What process’s do you have in place with many agencies overhearing information that is not useful for them,

Please contact Heather by Phone 07 575 9709 or




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