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PD Seminar: Working with Young People with Drug & Alcohol Issues

February 18, 2015 at 4:28 PM

Professional Development Seminars are offering a one day programme on 'Working Effectively with NZ Young People with Drug & Alcohol Issues' on the 31st of March.

This seminar would be of interest to nurses, health educators, counsellors, RTLBs, Deans, anyone working with young people. Ben Birks Ang is a social worker and drug and alcohol practitioner who has extensive experience leading the development of community youth-centred alcohol and drug programmes. His current role is National Youth Service Advisor for the NZ Drug Foundation and Odyssey. People who work with Ben recognize that he is someone who is making a significant difference in the lives of the young people he works with. He is a gifted speaker and facilitator.

For more information about the seminar and how to register please vist the PDS Website

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