NZFVC Data Summaries

July 10, 2014 at 10:26 AM

New Zealand Family Violence Clearinghouse data summaries released this week show a drop in recorded offences at family violence incidents, despite the fact that the number of Police family violence investigations has continued to increase. Applications for Protection Orders and prosecuted breaches of Protection Orders have also dropped.

The data summaries available are:

  • Data Summaries Snapshot, June 2014
  • Data Summary 1: Family Violence Deaths, June 2014
  • Data Summary 2: Violence Against Women, June 2014
  • Data Summary 3: Children and Youth affected by Family Violence, June 2014
  • Data Summary 4: Child Sexual Abuse, June 2014
  • Data Summary 5: Adult Sexual Violence, June 2014

There has been a substantial amount of media surrounding the release of the summaries, which can be accessed here.

Category: Research