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New Zealand Family Violence Clearinghouse: Overview and Highlights

December 15, 2017 at 9:31 AM

*From the NZFVC website*

The Clearinghouse has published a report on our activities in 2016-17.

New Zealand Family Violence Clearinghouse: Overview and Highlights 2016-17 highlights the continuing growth and reach of the services provided by the Clearinghouse.

Almost 70,000 users accessed our website in the 12 months to June 2017. This is a 90% increase over the last four years and a 12% increase on the previous year.

Over 4000 people a month receive our Pānui ǀ Newsletter. Over the last 6 years the number of subscribers has increased seven fold.

In the last year, we have written 176 news stories for our website, highlighting new research, resources, policy, legislation and funding opportunities. We have advertised 113 local, national and international professional development events.

Our email alert service for News and Events posted to our website has proved popular, and more than 600 people now subscribe to the alerts.

In a user survey we carried out in 2016:

  • 91% of people said the material on the NZFVC website is of high quality
  • 93% said they will use NZFVC in the future
  • 94% said they would recommend NZFVC to a colleague

Comments included:

"This website is very informative … I think most of what I have learnt has come
from this site."

"NZFVC is the go to website to find out what’s happening locally and
internationally in the family violence space."

“NZFVC … where you get the good oil on what is happening!”

In a message from the Co-Directors, Associate Professors Janet Fanslow and Robyn Dixon say:

"We are committed to continuing to identify the best available local and international evidence and strategies for violence prevention and response, and working to make these as widely and easily accessible as we can.

... We acknowledge the dedication of all who continue to work towards a safer and more just world. We look forward to continuing to support you, from whatever platform you work from."

The Clearinghouse has been operated by the University of Auckland since 2011. In 2017, support and contracting for the Clearinghouse moved from Superu to the Ministry of Justice.

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