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New reports on image based abuse, pornography and online abuse

March 01, 2019 at 1:24 PM

From the NZFVC

A number of reports have been published on research into image based sexual abuse, pornography and online abuse and harassment in New Zealand.

Report on image based sexual abuse 

Netsafe has recently published Image-based sexual abuse: A snapshot of New Zealand adults’ experiences (January 2019). The report summarises findings from research that asked 1001 adults whether someone had or had threatened to distribute or share intimate or sexual content of them online without their consent.

Nearly 5% of adults reported being affected by image based sexual abuse (IBSA). People under 30 were more likely to be affected than any other age group. Men and women were equally likely to experience image based sexual abuse online, but the nature of their experiences were different. 

Reports about pornography and online sexual content 

Netsafe: Parents' views and experiences

Netsafe published two reports about parents’ views and experiences of their children's exposure to pornography and online sexual content and behaviour.

Children’s exposure to sexually explicit content: Parents’ awareness, attitudes and actions (December 2018) summarises findings from a larger study. Parents were asked about their main concerns regarding online safety for their children. Other questions explored whether parents were aware of their children's exposure to sexually explicit content, how it occurred, how parents responded and their confidence in managing related issues.

Parenting and pornography: Findings from Australia, New Zealand and the United Kingdom (December 2018) summarises findings of a joint research effort on parental attitudes to pornography. The report provides findings specific to each independent country study.

Office of Film and Literature Classification: Youth exposure to pornography

The Office of Film and Literature Classification published, NZ Youth and Porn: Research findings of a survey on how and why young New Zealanders view online pornography (December 2018). The report summarises findings from a survey of young people in Aotearoa New Zealand about pornography. The research surveyed more than 2000 New Zealanders aged 14-17.

The research found that over two thirds of young people had been exposed to pornography. One in four have seen pornography before the age of 12. Young people reported commonly seeing violence or aggression (69%) and non-consensual activity (72%) in pornography.

Report on online hate, harassment and abuse

ActionStation has published The People's Report on Online Hate, Harassment and Abuse (2019). The report summarises new research, individual experiences, and expert opinions. ActionStation explored the impact of online hate, harassment and abuse for New Zealanders and how the Harmful Digital Communications Act addresses these issues. ActionStation has also published results from the online survey of people of colour which they commissioned UMR Research to conduct.

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