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New online guide on developing impactful social media campaigns

October 12, 2017 at 5:07 PM

*From the New Zealand Family Violence Clearinghouse*

The US National Resource Center on Domestic Violence has published new online guidance on developing impactful social media campaigns.

Developing Social Media Campaigns for Domestic Violence Awareness Month is a Technical Assistance (TA) Guidance package designed to support community-based domestic violence agencies and coalitions.

The document outlines seven key steps for developing thoughtful and engaging social media campaigns: 1) identifying potential partners, 2) determining campaign goals, 3) defining intended audience, 4) developing key messaging, 5) setting communications strategy, 6) implementing action plan, and 7) evaluating impact. Concrete tips, strategies, and planning tools are offered for each step of the process.

Additional resources include a podcast Engaging Your Audience through Social Media and a supplement that lists a range of tools and resources.

Aotearoa New Zealand

Current social media campaigns include 8 Weeks of Humanity from the Auckland Humanity Project and Gender Equal NZ, led by the National Council of Women

The It's Not OK Campaign provides information for communities, a range of free resources and a Facebook page

ACC has produced Making a difference: Sexual violence primary prevention toolkit.

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