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Media report workplace sexual harassment and assault of young women in hospitality industry

March 13, 2020 at 3:06 PM

From the NZFVC

As part of the ongoing #metoo media investigation, Journalist Alison Mau has reported cases of sexual harassment and assault of young women in the hospitality industry.

In December 2019, Stuff reported cases of four young women who have experienced sexual harassment and sexual assault while working as employees at KFC and Pizza Hut restaurants at different locations in New Zealand. Their experiences highlighted that harassment was common and identified significant issues with the response from senior staff and the parent company, Restaurant Brands, including:

  • "Supervisors and managers did not know how to handle disclosures of sexual misconduct at the stores, told a complainant to stay quiet and in one case, destroyed text evidence.
  • Measures to keep complainants safe after they reported the abuse were absent or inadequate.
  • The company refused to investigate because 'too much time' had passed.
  • Investigations were poorly carried out and complainants were not told anything of the outcomes.
  • An alleged perpetrator was paid while the investigation took place, but the complainant was forced to use her leave.
  • In some cases, the alleged perpetrator was promoted or moved into a more senior position at other stores, with the company refusing to say whether the behaviour had been found proved."

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