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Let’s Do Even Better Campaign: The Aotearoa Wellbeing Commitment

September 25, 2020 at 3:46 PM

From PSA

Let's Do Even Better is the PSA's 2020 election campaign. This year's campaign is centred on the Aotearoa Wellbeing Commitment - a collection of services that allow all New Zealanders to live a happy and healthy life. These include healthcare, education, housing, income support, public transport and internet - which form our essential social infrastructure.

These are services that we shouldn’t have to pay for, but should instead be invested in by governments to provide a wellbeing foundation for all New Zealanders.

Looking after the basic needs of each and every New Zealander enables real options in life and full participation in our society.

The Aotearoa Wellbeing Commitment is a new way of making sure all New Zealanders are cared for, regardless of how much money is in our pockets. It is a commitment to ensure all key public services are universally delivered, so everyone gets the chance to do well socially, mentally, and physically.

Click here for more information about the campaign including a political party scorecard

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