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   Weekly Media Roundup
   World-leading family harm prevention campaign supports young NZers
   Domestic violence disclosure schemes study: Interviews with applicants
   Job Vacancy at Kindred Family Services: General Counsellor and Child Therapist
   FASD Learning and Networking Group for Social and Support Workers (LANSAS)
   New report on access to services for male survivors of sexual violence
   Child Matters: Auckland Region Child Protection Training
   SWRB Workforce Survey Report 2022
   Child and Youth Wellbeing update: March 2023
   Weekly Media Roundup
   MSD: Family Violence and Sexual Violence Update
   Deadline extended for social work pay equity data collection
   He Waka Eke Noa | Māori Cultural Frameworks for Violence Prevention & Intervention Roadshow
   Regulations published to support tenancy laws for victim/survivors
   ACLC: 2023 Know Your Rights Education Series
   ‘Folau He Vahanoa’ legal education programme – Auckland
   MPHS: Free Whānau Fun Day!
   Oranga Tamariki Evidence Centre Seminar: February 2023
   Traumatic Brain Injury Conference: Across the spectrum of interpersonal violence – Whanganui
   Weekly Media Roundup
   MSD: Family Violence and Sexual Violence Update
   Brainwave Online Conference - Last Chance To Book
   Family violence is making Kiwis sick, research shows
   E Tū Whānau Pānui: Funding and support for communities affected by cyclone and floods
   An ongoing duty to care: Responding to survivors of family violence homicide

Kete Kupu September Issue

September 25, 2014 at 8:56 AM

Kete Kupu includes information and commentary on a wide range of social service issues and provides updates and commentary on social service policy and practice.

Some of the highlights of this September 2014 issue include:

  • Register now Social Justice In Communities, Christchurch
  • We are Feathers in the breath of God - Gospel Manifesto 2014
  • Decline in home ownership will impact on future generations of older people
  • Election 2014 Church Leaders' messages to New Zealanders
  • Election 2014 Your vote, your chance to make a difference Values, targets and policies to achieve them
  • Election 2014 Inequality-focused candidates meeting
  • Election 2014 Where the parties stand on inequality
  • Election 2014 Lifting wages;A clear divide
  • Travel time settlement: Good news for care workers
  • Productivity and social services

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Category: Community Notices