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Justice Committee reports on domestic violence workplace protections bill

May 18, 2018 at 1:06 PM

From the NZFVC

The Justice Committee has released their final report on the Domestic Violence—Victims' Protection Bill. The Committee was unable to come to agreement about whether the bill should proceed.

The Domestic Violence—Victims' Protection Bill is Jan Logie MP's member's bill on domestic violence workplace protections. The Bill introduced in 2016 and referred to the Justice Committee in 2017. The bill would enhance specific workplace protections for victims of domestic violence by amending five Acts.

In considering its recommendations, the Justice Committee reviewed Jan Logie's Supplementary Order Paper and more than 100 submissions.

The Labour Party members of the committee support the bill with proposed amendments. These amendments are outlined in the Justice Committee Final Report.

However, the National Party MPs have withdrawn their support for the bill.

Advocates who have been working to develop and support workplace protections for victims of domestic violence have criticised the National Party for withdrawing their support. 

The next step is for the bill to have its second reading in Parliament.

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Category: Policy and Legislation