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It's Not OK

December 06, 2012 at 12:45 PM

From Sheryl Hann of "It's Not OK" family violence prevention campaign:

"It’s been almost a year, but the It’s not OK television advertising is back on air for two weeks, starting 9 December.

 The two ads (Jeff and Angela) from the third phase of the campaign, It is OK to Help, will both appear. The ads ask people not to be “cardboard cut-outs” and to speak up and offer support to their loved ones and friends if they are experiencing or using violence.

 We know that when the television advertising is on air, more people talk about family violence, seek help or take some kind of action. We also know that Christmas and New Year are times of increased stress and violent behaviours for many families.

 The ads will be on air again in March next year.

 If you get any feedback about the ads, or anything about the campaign, we would really like to hear it. Please let us know.

 If you want to do more in your community to encourage people to ask for, or offer help, let us know. We have lots of resources and ideas!

 Thank you, and all the best

Sheryl Hann

Senior Service Development Analyst
“It's not OK” family violence prevention campaign
phone: 04 916 3452 cell phone: 029 650 1296

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