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INSPIRE: Seven strategies for ending violence against children

February 19, 2021 at 2:14 PM

From the NZFVC


Saturday 20 February 2021


3.30-5am, NZDT (19 February, 3.30-5pm, CET)


Online (Europe based)


World Health Organization and other agencies



The webinar, fourth in a series of eight webinars covering the INSPIRE strategies, will present the strategy “safe environments” in more depth and will include reflections on how they can be adapted for implementation in the time of COVID-19.

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Violence affects up to 1 in 2 children every year, with devastating acute and long-term consequences. Yet, we know that violence can be prevented, we have the tools to do so, and SDG Target 16.2 calls for ending violence against children.

The INSPIRE: Seven strategies for ending violence against children technical package is a collection of evidence-based recommendations on how to prevent and respond to violence against children, including

  • Implementation and enforcement laws;
  • Norms and values;
  • Safe environments;
  • Parent and caregiver support;
  • Income and economic strengthening;
  • Response and support services; and
  • Education and life skills.

To assist governments, civil society and faith-based organizations in their efforts to reduce violence against children, the INSPIRE core agencies and INSPIRE Working Group are initiating a series of eight training webinars over the course of six months. The aims are to:

  • Introduce INSPIRE to those who need to know and act on it
  • Remind those who already work with INSPIRE about the need to scale it up
  • Give all INSPIRE stakeholders an opportunity to get detailed insights into each of the seven strategies and the cross-cutting elements.

The target audience includes policy-makers and legislators, planners and technical staff, practitioners and implementers, faith-based and traditional leaders, civil society organisations, funders, advocates and any other interested stakeholders.

This fourth webinar will cover:

  • Overview of the strategy and brief overview of findings from the Global status report on preventing violence against children 2020
  • Addressing “hotspots”: Cardiff Model
  • Interrupting the spread of violence: Cure violence
  • Q&A session with the experts

Confirmed speakers for this webinar include Alexander Butchart (WHO), Jonathan Shepherd (Cardiff University), and Gary Slutkin (Cure Violence). The webinar will be moderated by Sabine Rakotomalala (End Violence).

The webinar series will continue with one training webinar per INSPIRE strategy. These commenced in January 2021.

Please register to receive a link to the recorded webinar, when available, to listen at a convenient time.

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