Can a gendered approach to human rights challenges boost sustainable development?

November 26, 2021 at 4:16 PM

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Thursday 9 December 2021 






United Nations Association of New Zealand 



The United Nations Association of New Zealand (UNA NZ) will mark the 73rd anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the 6th anniversary of the Agenda 2030 for Sustainable Development (the 17 SDGs) with this seminar. 

We know the Sustainable Development Goals are interrelated: when one improves, other SDGs will improve too as a consequence. With an SDG Alliance being formed in New Zealand with the participation of all different sectors of society – public, private, not-for-profit, academia, individuals and communities –, a critical debate on which SDGs may take a lead in boosting sustainable development turns out to be fundamental. 

With this in mind, and considering that women and girls are frequently the most affected population when it comes to human rights challenges, we ask: Is the SDG5 – Gender Equality a goal with the power of making several other SDGs improve to a greater extent? Having a gender perspective when formulating public policies to the numerous social challenges we currently face can improve sustainable development further? How can New Zealand benefit from adopting a gender approach on its public policies? 


  • Dr Karanina Sumeo, Human Rights Commissioner for Equal Employment Opportunities 

  • Dr Gill Greer, former Chief Executive of the National Council of Women of New Zealand, and co-writer of the Civil Society SDG People's Report 2019 

  • Dr Mike Ross, lecturer at Victoria University of Wellington, where he teaches courses on Māori language and customs 

  • Isabella van Hooff, Monitoring Agency Relationships Adviser at Department of Corrections National Office and intern of UNA NZ. 

The President of the UNA NZ Gaya Paranisamy will chair and Special Officer for Human Rights Dulce Piacentini will moderate the seminar. The speakers will address the following topics: 

  • The power of the interconnection between SDGs and what can be better in the definition of SDG5 

  • How te ao Māori on the role of women can support sustainable development and gender equality in Aotearoa 

  • How women migrant workers can boost sustainable development in both their original and host countries. 


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