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Grow: Skills Toolbox Workshops in 2019

February 01, 2019 at 10:48 AM

From Grow Ltd

Skills Toolbox - practical workshops to enhance your skills, in the Mental Health, Health, Social Services, Corrections and Education Sectors.

These workshops are aimed at practitioners who want to expand their abilities to support and assist service users – many of whom may be in distress. Underpinned by the latest research and best practice, these workshops aim to provide you with practical tools that you can use with clients the very next day.

The presenters in each workshop are subject matter experts and practitioners themselves, and they share our vision that we can support service users better, and improve outcomes by building local capability across New Zealand.


Current workshops in the Skills Toolbox:

FACT (Focused Acceptance and Commitment Therapy Workshops)

Simple, brief and effective in getting clients unstuck. Auckland: 8 March. More information


Practical Alternatives to Self-Harm

Evidence based approach on how to respond effectively to those who are engaging in non-suicidal self-harm. One and two day workshops. Auckland: 28 February and 1 March. More information


Using your multiple brains (head, heart and gut) to do cool stuff. Inspirational and personally empowering. 1 day workshop. Auckland: 19 March. More information


Motivational Interviewing

Exploring motivational interviewing and goal-oriented communication, so that you can better engage with service users. One and two day workshops. Auckland: 13 and 14 May. More information


Sensory Modulation

Skills & strategies to help you in working with clients in distress. Excellent tools for de-escalation. 1 day workshop. Auckland: 1 May. More information


Persuasive Therapeutic Communication

Introduction to cognitive behavioural therapy and its powerful tools. 1 day workshop. Auckland: 9 May. More information


Better Workplace Practice

Using a strengths-based communication style, you can transform your workplace culture. 1 day workshop. New Plymouth: 14 June. Wellington: 28 June. Hawke's Bay: 9 August. More information



Next-generation suicide prevention training that works in clinical and community settings. 1 day workshop. Auckland: 8 April. More information


Click here for more information about Grow Skills Toolbox Workshops

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