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8th seminar in the 2022 Monash Gender and FV Prevention Centre Seminar Series

September 08, 2022 at 10:32 PM

From the NZFVC 


Wednesday 5 October 2022 


11am-12noon, NZDT (9-10am, AEDT) 


Online (Australia based) 


Monash Gender and Family Violence Prevention Centre 



The 8th seminar in the 2022 Monash Gender and Family Violence Prevention Centre Seminar Series 

Speaker: Dr Rebecca Stewart 

There is a growing demand for family violence prevention and response efforts to centre children and young people not simply as witnesses to violence, but as victim-survivors in their own right. To this end, the Victorian Governments Family Violence Reform Agenda Rolling Action Plan 2020-2023 outlines the need for increased efforts to support children and young people and ensure their voices are heard. Despite research linking adverse childhood experiences and future use and victimisation of violence, this is an area that remains underexplored in academia, policy and practice. 

Drawing on a larger data set looking at the prevalence and nature of adolescent family violence in Australia, this presentation will begin by exploring the educational impacts experienced by children and young people in their own words, who have experienced violence indirectly (i.e. between other family members), directly (at the hands of a family member) and those who have experience both indirect and direct violence in the home. It will then examine their help-seeking behaviours in the school setting (e.g. disclosures to teachers and school counsellors), in light of the recognition that the school environment is a contributing factor to resilience in children and one of the key settings they spend time in outside the family home. I will finish by outlining the intended next steps in this project for determining how to build capacity in schools and amongst school staff to support their students experiencing family violence. 


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