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Expert Advisory Group supporting Children's Action Plan implementation

October 23, 2014 at 10:48 AM

A Children's Action Plan Expert Advisory Group has been established to support the implementation of the Children's Action Plan.

Members of the Expert Advisory Group were nominated by the Vulnerable Children's Board agencies and selected using the following criteria:

  • High credibility as practitioners
  • Recent practitioner experience working with vulnerable children and their families and whānau
  • Recognised 'experts'
  • Individuals who enjoy engaging in robust, constructive discussions
  • Individuals who reflect the ethnic diversity of vulnerable children and their families and whānau.

Current members are:

  • Dr Fiona Inkpen, Chief Executive, Stand for Children's Services
  • Jenny Prince, Nurse and Chief Executive, Plunket
  • Dr Nick Baker, General and Community Paediatrician and Executive and Clinical Director, Marlborough DHB Community Based Services
  • Dr Russell Wills, Children's Commissioner and Paediatrician, Hawke's Bay DHB
  • Dr Amanda D'Souza, Senior Lecturer and Research Fellow, University of Otago
  • Liz Marsden, Manager, Ngapuhi Iwi Social Service, Te Runanga A Iwi O Ngapuhi
  • Dr Arran Culver, Youth Forensic Psychiatrist, Captial Coast DHB and Deputy Director of Mental Health, Ministry of Health
  • Robyn Corrigan, Social Worker and Professional Practice Leader, Presbyterian Support Services
  • Sue Mackwell, National Children's Director
  • Malcolm Burgess, Assistant Commissioner Investigations, New Zealand Police
  • Paul Nixon, Chief Social Work, Child Youth and Family
  • Brian Coffey, Group Manager Special Education, Ministry of Education.

Recently the Expert Advisory Group has advised on: developing a safe and competent workforce, trialling predictive modelling, improving information sharing and securing frontline practitioner input into business requirements for The Hub and the Vulnerable Kids Information System. The Expert Advisory Group meets quarterly or more regularly if needed.

More information is available in the Children's Action Plan September newsletter.

More information on the Children's Action Plan is available on their website.


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